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[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][Spleef Arena]


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Ok I think I found out how they blew up spawn. The example items at spawn there is a nuclear reactor which they over loaded and thanks to the geniuses Alvinherobrine and

Sgt_blackdude I saw on the console they had uranium cells and that's when I figured it out. They were going to over load the reacted with lots of uranium cells and blow up spawn. I'm shutting down the server temporarily until I can get home and take down the reactor example.

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I just had someone first time spawn in and have banned items and start destroying spawn. Not sure how they do it but they do. Any idea of how to stop it?

Dont quote me on this but i think there are some sort of programs/hacks that people use to give themselves OP i dunno if its real or what. look up "Force OP".

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Moderator application

1. ign: shoeogre

2. How old are you? I am 14

3. how long have you been playing on Harsh World? I have been playing on Harsh World for about a month

4. Past servers where you were a moderator/admin? I have been admin on 3 or 4 servers. They have all shut down though.

5. What is your time zone? EST

Scenario Testing

1. A player is excessively swearing. What do you do? I would give them a warning, then mute them if they persist

2. A player is greifing spawn. What do you do? I would ban them.

3. A player is threatening to hack the server and shut it down what do you do? I would tempban them, and then tell Jet or BasarasV and let them make a decision about the player

4. A player raided you. What do you do? Congratulate them. Act like a normal player. Don't abuse my powers. It is a raiding server after all.

5. Another moderator has banned a player for no reason. What do you do? Tell Jet and basarasv and let them make a decision about the Mod.

To become moderator you have to get a vote from jeters_belly and basarasv!

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Ok read your application shoe it was well written and followed format exactly. Fatman your area might be corrupt and only way to fix that is to delete your player data and you can't ever go back there :( your have all the items in your bags and also if your having trouble logging in we have to delete your player data also

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