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Welcome to 1.8!  

I made a power point for my Weeaboo club on how to paint The president refused to pay me https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZaPcJyrYaPrw8zlVqc1EUO-Fq2uFW94lhRG9j3SuBWI/edit?usp=sharing

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If you have been following this topic, you have probably heard of DHL (dragonheartluver)

It's been almost 4 years since she started making the legend of the dove, and there's only 34 pages of it.


Some examples of the wonderful and inspiring comic:








The story is still in it's prologue, but what I have read and interpreted, I can make out what the ending would be.


So I've taken it into my own hands to make a images of what the ending of this wonderful story would be like, A bittersweet apocalypse.


And so I give you, The end of evandogein.






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