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[1.7.10]Papa's Playhouse[PvE][48 slots][Whitelist][Papa's Playhouse Pack]

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Welcome to the official thread for Papa's Playhouse ModPack and Server!




The pack is crammed full of epic magic, in-depth tech, insane bosses, sweet loot and much, much more. Full details of the pack can be found HERE. All mods used in the pack are done so with the permission of the individual mod owners. To this end, all credit for the mods go to them, i merely put the pack together for enjoyment purposes. A full list of the mods, their owners and links back to their information posts can be found HERE

The server has been setup to run the pack primarily for me and my buddies but would now like to extend an invitation to you lovely people too. The server is whitelisted as, in all honesty, I don't have enough time to sit and go through countless permissions etc. We do have protection for your builds via additional server mods, so don't worry about your builds being at risk.

At this moment in time we are a very small community but are looking to grow a little with the right people alongside us. For more information about applying for whitelisting, please swing by our Enjin page HERE

Our server rules are very straight forward, we don't have time for drama-llama's. Below are the basic rules for our community. Please take the time to read and understand them. If you have any questions, please message a member of staff on our Enjin site.



  • No racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise offensive language or remarks
  • No griefing
  • No stealing
  • No hacking, duping or otherwise exploiting glitches
  • No spamming chat with needless text
  • If you find a bug, glitch or dupe, please inform a staff member so it can be dealt with accordingly
  • Respect people's space, don't build right next to spawn or another player unless you have permission
  • This is a PVE server, however PVP is allowed if agreed upon by the players involved
  • Respect the server, it has limited resources to share out amongst players so don't build lag inflicting setups
  • As above, Admins and Moderators have the ability to remove lag producing setups without warning

With the above marks, please keep in mind that people of all ages play Minecraft and should therefore be respected with the in-game chat.



  • No racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise offensive language or remarks
  • No flame-wars
  • All posts should be 'safe for work' and all ages, no smut on here please

The Forum is a tool to be able to interact with your fellow community members, please keep it respectful.



  • Admins and Mods take time from their own lives to manage, maintain and develop the server and community. Please keep this in mind before spamming Staff with requests, questions or other such things.
  • Do not advertise other communities
  • The word of an Admin or Mod is final, please do not argue if a decision has been made
  • This is an adult community, please act accordingly

These are basic rules, we are not asking you to bend over backwards to be part of our community. Please respect these rules and adhere to them. Failure to comply may lead to you being banned from the community.


As you can see, pretty basic stuff.


Here are some random pictures of things from the server that you might find interesting:



























So with all this said, we hope to see you soon and wish you a very pleasant day.



- Papa Hedge

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Had a nice update this weekend, brought all the mods up to date and tweaked some configs for better performance. I also spent some time raising my very own dragon!! (picture added to OP).


Hope to see you soon!

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