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Big Oops, Tekkit team, with 3.1.3 : Lolwat? DUPE BUG inside!


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You forgot a major mod update. Sure, it's not a mod most people use or know about, but the improvements are pretty major :


Notice how the latest version for immibi's mods is "50.1.3". 49.1.2 is the version you derped and included in 3.1.3. Oh noes!

Here's the list of changes SINCE the version included in 3.1.3 :

Also, here's a BIG ONE : A DUPING BUG. That's right, ANYONE can dupe using the unpatched retrievulator in Tekkit 3.1.2. Most people don't know about this bug, but it lets you dupe anything. Just put a retrievulator down, stick something into it, BREAK it using either a block breaker, EE tool, OR IC2 miner (all 3 will dupe! most server admins don't know this!), and it dupes. Easy to do, anyone can do it.

So if you don't fix this, everyone will be able to dupe. Great job, Team!

Here's the changelog of all the updates you are missing :

Note: I sometimes forget to update this right after updating the mod itself.



  • Fixed not working on dedicated (non-LAN) servers


  • Updated to MC 1.3.2.


  • If any exception is thrown while trying to add the retriever jammer to the
    IC2 recycler blacklist, it will be silently ignored instead of crashing.
  • Retrievulators now always stop emitting a redstone signal when there are enough items
    in the target inventory.
  • All blocks are now non-solid and will not conduct redstone. Retrievulators can be placed
    adjacent to each other without causing problems.
  • Retriever jammers on the ground will disappear if you walk over them instead of being picked up.
  • Retrievulators will slow down after some time without any items passing through them.
  • Retrievulators can be rotated with screwdrivers (including sonic screwdrivers)
  • Added storage blocks.
  • Added config option to disable retrievulators.


  • Fixed BHC shift-clicking
  • Retrievulator now uses fake slots, similar to the Logistics Pipe ones, in the T area.
    Important: Existing items in this area will become fake items and you will not be able to get them back!
    Right click to add, left click to subtract items. Shift to go faster. If the slot is empty, click on it with any stack to copy that stack.


  • Fixed retrievulator orientation in SMP
  • Removed debug message
  • Added retriever jammer to IC2 recycler blacklist if IC2 is installed (this means if you recycle one you have no chance of getting scrap)
  • Allowed BHC to be enabled with the config option in SMP.


  • Fixed chunk resets caused by black hole chests.

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Right, right. What you fail to realize is that upgrading immibis' means no more force fields. Lucky for you we pay attention, and losing a mod, especially in established worlds, is far worse than 'oh noes' updates. :iiam:

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It was determined best to hold back on updating Immibis and leave it at the same version for now. We were running into some other issues with the other mods playing well together.

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Also note that pretty much all of the "latest versions" you cited are for 1.3+. I also don't see any dupe bugs fixed between the 1.3 update and the last 1.2.5 update.

49.2 likely fixed it, indirectly

Retrievulator now uses fake slots, similar to the Logistics Pipe ones, in the T area.
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Well, I still think the tekkit team probably goofed, the error I am getting is probably fixable. But yeah, I tried throwing newer builds in myself, and found various "class not found" errors. It would probably be a better use of the Tekkit team's time to have things ready for the 1.4.4 release of redpower (and all the other mods that are coming, but Redpower is the slowpoke).

So, uh...mediocre job, Tekkit team! You may suck overall but you did sorta ok this time around!

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This topic made me giggle, let's ignore the fact that you are complaining about an unfinished dev build, I'm just surprised that you pick this dupe out of all the ones in tekkit to complain about, one that most server owners are very much aware of and some have even fixed.

Considering the immibis core ported source is included in the jar it doesn't take a genius to find and fix that dupe.

BlockCombined.java in getBlockDropped function after "var7.add(var13);" add "var10[var12] = null;"

I also love how you included the changelog up to and past the part which cannot be applied to tekkit due to those updates being for 1.3.2, you seem quite clueless, but considering there are far more damaging and less obvious bugs in tekkit my mind is still boggled as to why you would complain about this one of all things...

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Wait what? 3.1.3 is actual new build that people are supposed to be using? I got an email yesterday from some noob who updated and couldn't log onto my server so I told him to fuck off and stop messing with dev builds... now I'm wondering. I have mine set to manual selection so that's possibly why I missed the update notice. Wat do? :I

EDIT: Nevermind, it is... Just checked the website. LOL fail. Anyways someone send a letter to the penal facility where the OP is being held, to say that I am thankful for his service.

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