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system rec.


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  • IBM AT, PS/1, PS/2, Tandy and 100% Compatibles
  • 640K RAM
  • DOS 3.0
  • VGA, MCGA, EGA, Hercules or Tandy Graphics
  • 3.5" or 5.25" Disk Drive
  • AdLib, SoundBlaster, SoundMaster, Roland MT-32 or Tandy Sound
  • 2.5MB Hard Disk Space

No. That is a toaster.

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To give you a good idea, I had a computer with Windows XP, Dual core 2.3 GHz processor, a 5000 series Intel integrated Graphics chipset, and 2GB RAM and I had all the settings at minimum and I was only getting maybe 20 FPS. I bought a new computer with Windows 7, Quad Core AMD FX4100 3.6GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT 610 GPU, and 8GB of RAM and I get 100-175 FPS with all settings maxed and with a x128 HD texture pack. Hardware makes a huge difference.

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Would an i5 1.8 or 1.7 ghz cpu

with intel HD graphics4000 and

4-8gb of ram (basically an ultrabook)

fit the standards of a lag free tekkit world?

I don't know much about that card, but it should do moderately well. Don't expect framerates of 120+ or anything, but it should run.

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i want to play tekkit on a server

download tekkit through th elaunger, combine modpack.jar and minecraft.jar, delete the mata-inf in the minecraft.jar you just made, copy the entire tekkit folder into your .minecraft folder and open your regular minecraft launger.


and if i'd read the other postst i would know that this one is completely useless, 'cause other said the same.

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