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Hello guys, i recently updated my modpack SiTL that now has 54 mods, It Focus around Tech. the Main Mods are: IC2, BluePower, BC, Project:E, Logistics Pipes, MineFactoryReloaded and Forestry. I do NOT plan to introduce any new mods in the modpack.

I am Looking for around 3~5 Players to Join me. It will not be 24/7, I will run it whenever i get on the PC, Probably 3~4 hours a day and 6+ hours on weekends.

Hamachi is Necessary.

Skype is not necessary, i will contact you in the Hamachi/Skype/Discord when it gonna be online. my timezone is -3 and the server Might be online Everyday at 1:50 PM.

There is no Age restriction but i want my players to be Kind and Respect everyone. 

Application is as follows;


Your Experience with the Main Mods (X/10):

Skype (Not Necessary):


You can send This application by just replying this thread, via Skype, or by sending an E-Mail to [email protected]

If you Are Accepted i'll PM you or Notify you via Skype with the hamachi Info.

The Modpack Page is: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sitl-origins.742712


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