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Hi there, i have this tekkit legends server that i play on with my friends. I was trying to make a factory and i was using redpower for pipes and transport of the objects. in the process i needed to place down redpower timers. i put down one and its default is a redstone pulse every 2 seconds. i was playing around with it changing it to like 100 ms or whatever the fastest pulse is. It obviously made the server lag from the enormous amount of objects flowing and so i turned it back to pulse every two seconds. As i placed down a different timer the whole server crashed and i cant get back on for a second to even break the second timer. :(

 i tried copying the world save over to a single player world to see if i could break it then but to no avail. 

i need any help that could be provided to get the server back running again. Thanks!

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Your save is probably corrupt, the sad truth is probably just to make a new world. You could also try removing the redpower mod and then launcher the server. This would remove everything from redpower, but at least you may be able to save the world. 

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