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Undead- fish

I would love to play with you

I'm good at tekkit and experienced with let's plays

My Skype is: Admilas2

I would love to join you but I can not record for a little while.

My age is 14

And since I'm experienced in IC and blueelectricity we will make a good team butnim weak in railcraft as well so I would love to explore that with you

Add me on Skype if you want to play togeter

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am looking for a man / woman, I don't mind, To do a tekkit adventure series with a few people, MAX Is 3 I'd also like if possible, A girl which aint shy to help out, It's allways nice to have a few boys & girls So, Feel free to put this app under this thread!


Skype Name :

Can you host a server :

Your age :

Are you mature enough? :

Can you make us laugh? :

Are you the person for us?

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id be up for this dude! im 20, i can record and edit! let me know!

Skype Name :have one but dont really use it, but can if needed

Can you host a server :no

Your age :20

Are you mature enough? :very mature, but can joke around!

Can you make us laugh? :yes

Are you the person for us?very much indeed!

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I may have closed but the other people failed so i need different people PLEASE PLEASE DONT POST YOUR APP HERE P.M. IT TO ME

MyChannel: http://www.youtube.c...rS?feature=mhee

P.m. this to me:






Where are you from?:

Experience with Tekkit:

Can you record?:

Can you host a server?: (Important)

I Preferably want someone serious about this and is over 11 years and under 16 also preferably from the United states. Good Luck!

And i still cant emphasize this enough P.M. THIS TO ME!!!

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Hi there,

i have been posting YouTube videos for about a year now over different accounts and i have decided that doing YouTube videos with someone else would be a lot better.


what do i mean by YouTube videos, well, this can mean videos of any game on and console/device, anything from Minecraft to black ops 2, from Xbox 360 to PC.

now for a bit about me, My name is Joe, i live in the UK and i am 18 years old. i am experienced in Minecraft tekkit, feed the beast, all call of duty games, i can record Xbox 360 game play and PC footage in 720p with no lag. i have a 24/7 server for Minecraft etc and i have a very good mic for Skype.

what i am looking for, 3 main things

1. Dedication - you need to be committed to this and not give up when we are not getting lots of views of something goes wrong.

2. Confident - you need to be able to talk on Skype to me while being recorded, as if you were talking to your parents, no ummmms or errrrrs. you need to think of stuff on the spot and be able to come up with good suggestions to potential problems we may have.

3. Creative - You need to be creative to get anywhere on YouTube these days. you need to be able to think of ideas for potential series we could do that are not on YouTube at the moment.

If You are over 16 years old have Skype and a good mic and have the 3 requirements above then you are in with a good chance to be my YouTube partner.

If you have any other skills like: photo editing, video editing, recording, you have an Xbox 360, you can record Xbox 360 in 720p. any of these will boost your chances.

Post below if you want to apply saying your name, age, timezone (mine is GMT for UK), your skype name and a short few sentences about why you would be suitable.

Thanks for your time


My Skype is Joecory1994

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Hi Joe

i am interested in the position you are advertising

i have all 3 of the requirements you ask for

i am also 18 years old and also from the UK

i have past experience with recording, i also have an xbox 360 but sadly cannot record off it, but i have great expereince with minecraft/tekkit and other games like Garrys mod which is also fun to make series of

i think i would be good for the job because, i have alot of experience in a Let's Play youtube group, im well experienced at a huge majority of games, i am the same age and the same timezone as you which also helps

im dedicated ( can be on up to 8 hours a day), very confident speaker.

and with creativity check out NerdsMustPlay on youtube thats the last channel i was involved with and i played a huge role

if your interested my skype name is Asiidkiid1

thanks :)

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Hello everyone, I have started up my youtube channel, And done 1 video, Its so boring on my own, I can host any type of server,, But i need a partner too join me, And be my youtube partner for evar!!! So message me this application filled out, I would like it if you were near my age, ( 11-12-13 ish. )

App :

Age : (( Preferably 11-12-13 ))

Skype name : (( I'll add you ))

Nick / Name :

Minecraft Name :

Here's my version of the application,

Age : 11 allmost 12

Skype name : I'll add you , Not telling.

Nick : Dan / MrDanielz

Minecraft name : MrDanielz

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Whats up guys InstaHD here, AKA Joe

i am going to be making a YouTube channel with a vast amount and range of content, there will be commentaries on PC games and Xbox games. I have lots of great ideas for some new content and if anyone wants to be part of it, now is your chance.

We are going to need recorders, commentators, GFX, animators, and more...

If you want to be part of the channel there are a few mandatory requirements and a few that will help but are not required.


- Skype

- Knowledge of YouTube and making videos etc

- Confident and Dedicated

- Speak Good English

- Age 15+ (This may vary depending on what you are like as a person)


- Mic For Skype

- An Xbox

- Be able to record on either PC or Xbox.

- Live in the UK (easier to sort out timings)

If you are interested message me on skype - InstaHD - and say that you are asking about the youtube channel

i will add everyone to skype to see what you are like, but you might not all be accepted.


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^^^^^^^ InstaHD's thread above comment Advice to all reading it

[20:22:10] Joe Cory: no but those responces tell me everything

[20:23:18] ̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ MrDanielz: What do you mean? Are you being selfish allready? Firstly, You havent even met me, Secondly you havent even got to know me , Thirdly, You are saying that you've been told everything considreing we;ve only been on a skype chat for 5minutes.

[20:24:11] Joe Cory: ok.... sorry i touched nerve

[20:24:13] Joe Cory: a

[20:26:35] ̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ MrDanielz: No prob... Also dont judge a book by its cover.

[20:26:40] ̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ MrDanielz: Abit of advice.

[20:31:08] ̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ MrDanielz: Also,

[20:31:27] ̿|̿ ̿ |̶ ̶ ̶ ̶| |̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ MrDanielz: Dont be one of thoughs who will be kind of immature, and remove you after 5minutes.

This person has not shared details with you, He is too immature, And i advice you not to listen to this prick above.

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Hey dudes and dudettes. My name is Deanna and I'm looking for a let's play partner!

Me: I'm 18, I have tekkit, I know tekkit, I've been playing minecraft for 2 years and and have about 5 months of tekkit under my belt. I do not have a server, and I cannot record my screen. I will lag intensely. But I have tried! I like to build machines and and crazy machines building machines stuff.

If you have a server and can record your screen, and want to do a let's play, let me know!

skype: irunintotrees

we'll talk and discuss stuff.



I saw some posts about people needing "creative" persons for their videos.

How is this for creative? Aspiring animator, going to art school, I know Photoshop, Learning flash. I'm confident.

If anyone wants to interview me feel free to IM on skype!

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Looking for Tekkit Lite/Classic Partner/s not afraid of YouTube.

List of Requirements. Please send your application to [email protected] or Private Message me.

1. Skype (Crucial for communications)

2. Hamachi (No dedicated host yet)

3. Age: Be over 16+ (Recommended but if younger, you can still reply/apply)

4. Youtube Channel (Optional) (If You want to record and post on your own channel, Fine by me)

5. Time of Availability (From so-on to so-on)/Time Dedication (How much time can you spend)

6. Tekkit Experience (Doesn't Matter, I can teach newcomers)

7. http://whitelist.mcf.li/ (Mandatory, If I don't see this link with your results, I wont even look at the application.This prevents people from griefing in my server.)

When all criteria are met I will add you on Skype and provide details.

All replies relating to this post MAY not be considered.

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im making my own youtube channel with a tekkit lets play and i look for some people to join me,

send me a reply with the following items:




a good microphone i dont accept ppl with bad mics

age: required 17+

tekkit experience

to contact me reply or add me on skype: sandervanspijk

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i am looking to either start a group of people making youtube videos of tekkit etc or to join a currently going one

i have skype and tekkit already as well as fraps, i am UK and am 17 so anyone who would be interested in joining me or recruiting me send me a PM and i will let you know any further information which may be needed

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Hello! My name is Tim. I am looking for a few people to join me in making a Tekkit Let's Play! I will leave some information below, so if you want to join me, message me! Oh yeah, I want to make more then just Tekkit Let's Plays, TF2, GMod, and the works.

I am 14 years old. I have a fairly good computer with little lag. I can easily create a server, so that's not a problem. I am fairly experienced with Tekkit, although not an expert. I can record AND have a youtube channel (It won't be the best quality, but it works.) My skype name is timminermousley. If you need a partner, or just want a good friend, add me! Thanks in advance.

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Hello people of the Technic Forums....

I am looking to get to doing videos with someone here is my info:

Age: 17 (18 in march if that matters much to you)

Location: US; East Coast

Skype: rhartnett35

Email: [email protected]

MC Username: TinaTinaShanoose ((It is an SNL reference... I hope someone gets it))

I have been playing tekkit for about 5-6 months...

I can and am more than willing to host a server... or more what ever is needed.

I have video editing experience, I have access to FRAPS and can record.

I have done Tekkit/MC videos in the past, however the good ones have been lost forever... (due to computer issues)

I am willing to use skype during the recordings, however I feel that Teamspeak has better quality, and more controls... not to mention that it takes up significantly less resources than skype, I can also host a TS server for use while recording.

Feel free to contact me on skype or by email if you are interested!

Skype and forum messages may take me longer to respond to, however email is monitored by my phone, so that is the quickest way to contact me, however Skype is preferred.

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