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I am looking for 2-3 people to start a Tekkit lets play on YouTube with.

About me:

Live in North Carolina

15 years old

Been playing Minecraft for 2 years (Tekkit for about 1)

IGN: RobbieC97

Email: [email protected]

These are the requirements:

1. Must have Skype

2. Must have Mic.

3. Must have Hamachi (Unless you can host)

4. Be available 2 times a week every week

5. Some Tekkit experience

6. Speak English well

7. Age 13+

We can work out times, but i can't record on Sundays or Wednesdays because of Church.

If you are interested, please email me @ [email protected]

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Hey guys. Anyone looking for a partner. I'm 14

Hey I'm 11 and looking for a youtube partner to do minecraft Let's Play or a tekkit lite or voltz or Technic lets play.I how to setup a Minecraft server but not a tekkit server.I need to know your Minecraft username.Tell me your gmail so we can talk about when we are going to do videos and I'm 11 and you'll be handling the tekkit server tekkit lite or voltz or Technic servers I'm Really funny and i record my screen and voice with my laptop recorder hopefully I'll go into town and get some headfones.1 more thing i need to know your country and can you speak english well

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Looking for Tekkit Lite, Tekkit Classic, or Voltz partner. I'm 16. Must have Skype.

Preferably you host so you can get all the plugins working, but if I have to, I can host.

Message me.

Hey, ill team up with you, what's your time zone?
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Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone to help me out with my upcoming Voltz Roleplay series called Vendetta. I need admins that can build well, or, if you can't build well, at least follow the roleplay well when I'm recording it for my youtube channel. I need only a few people, so gaining acceptance might be difficult. To sign up, go to my website and click on the Contact tab to see the requirements for the email you have to send me. Link here: https://sites.google.com/site/princeerebusgaming/


Tell me your real (first only) name, minecraft name, Skype name (if you have one), Steam name (if you have one), your age (PLEASE be older than 11), if you are good at building, how long you can be on the computer every week, and anything else you think you need to tell me (just some cool info about yourself or something like that). ALSO INCLUDE whether or not you'd like to be part of my series. This series will be heavily reliant on the roleplay factor, so please understand that.

Thanks to anyone who signs up!

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IGN: nathancole1221

Real name: Nathan

Age: 10

Skype: nathancole1221

Mic: Yes

I can host a server but if anybody else has a server (Non-Used before) I can join it :)

Minecraft experience: Quit alot from Youtube and me playing with friends and alone.

Country: Ireland

I hope somebody want's me to join them! I'm not to keen on being recorded but if you want me to I can but tell

me a good recording system so we can use.

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I've been trying to shy away from this sort of stuff, but I'll try.

I've a server, Tekkit classic, custom modified, and I'm looking for a partner to play with as my friend won't be able to play as he's going into the military. Looking for someone around the age of at least 18 or 20, some minecraft experience, and somewhat entertaining to chat with. For latency/time zone reasons, I'd prefer if it was in Florida, better if Gainesville.

I am a brony, as you may tell by my profile pic, 19, and Somewhat of an outcast- I'm not one to join the herd, so I'm either sitting in the corner, or eating glue. So if you want to join up with me, reply or message me.

Also, bonus points if you can name my avatar

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Can you host a server: I can use FreeMinecraftHost for up to 4 people.

Skype (required!): Ian Mallin

Wich map do you want:Fresh one


Age (12-18):14

Minecraft experience:Have played for 3 years now and a wide variety of gamemodes.

My country:Ireland

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If anyone wants to play a variety of different modpacks with me then give me your skype and IGN so I can add you and you'll need recording software, at least one of you. I'm looking for 3 people to play with. No age limit but have a good mic and a moderately deep voice please. I don't like squeakers ;)

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Hey, I'm looking for a partner or group to start a tekkit or tekkit classic let's play with. I'm afraid I can't host so if there is anyone who can host that would be great. I'm also open to doing a voltz lets play. Please be at least 16 and preferably 18+. My timezone is GMT (UK). Message me back on here if you're interested and we can exchange skype and or steam info.

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