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Test World is up. Heres what im doing. The last two worlds didnt last for about two days. Play the same way you were playing as all the other worlds. If this World last for three to four days it will be permanent. If it crashes again then Im going to have the host reinstal everything about my server.

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I'll be sure to check the server as much as i can before Christmas :D

If you find out the name of one of the Griefers please be sure NOT to put it on the forums but to PM us because they might decide to make a new account and attack you straight off so if you PM us they wont know who sent it and there will be less of a chance of you getting attacked, We will also try to increase security around the server for your safety guys

Just send the PM to one of us:







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i got banned for noting and imbernie,zoom1997 keptet killing mw for ging in there house and juping off the toop pluss imnotcrazy777 banned me for giveing some one a chest with iron some one ells destoyed gibert D:< they wouldnt let me talk

I SAW you harassing Bernie, then you broke his stuff. He told you to get off his property, and you ignored him. He even had a sign saying that he'd kill anyone trespassing on his property. I told you both that in my opinion, he had the right to kill you because you were warned and you were on his property. After banning you for 1 hour ban (get over it), there was evidence on LogBlock that you griefed Jackocham's house, you're lucky I'm not doing anything about that. If you grief again, however, you're going to get perma-banned. You've been warned. Also, if you come back on, I'd advise you to not harass or even acknowledge Bernie.

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