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How Can I make My own Custom mod?

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Hello fellow Modders/Programmers/Players

I would like to know how I can Code my own mods I know a bit of Java and Think I might be able to do it but I don't know how to get started I have searched and searched the web but can't find anything :(  Please help.

Signed, Mr.Redstone

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If you mean an actual mod mod and not a modpack, the correct place and topics can be viewed here

Modding Central is all about programming a mod, or publishing one like Viesis did in

Here's a few concepts I've searched on when I tried and failed the modding scene

the first two might be outdated.


Note that there are few, in rare occurrences, mod devs in this forum. So hoping to get any step-by-step instructions are slim.

Technic IRC might be a better spot. Google it


Good luck


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