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[1.1.3]VoltzHaven[PvP][30 Slots]Quick start---no map resets---community

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As for the professional staff, you seem to be the only staff so I recommend you start appointing admins and mods to your server so you don't have a crap ton of people bitching to you all the time.


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Seems you got your first hacker. My "impossible" base to find was found. I caught a name plate in my secret back room *wink wink* but I tried to sneak up but they teleported away. Seconds later Skeeterman's base was found and he was killed by an obsidian sword by a new guy. Im missing my obsidian tools. His ign is XXcamXX

Also, would updating the server change some of my items? I had to update my Voltz before logging into the server. My refined uranium in my inventory and my machine that processes it turned into deutrium and my ultimate energy cube was turned into a basic energy cube? My base is also soaked in radiation from something. Not sure whats going on but it's aggravating.

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Yeah it diffidently him, i just logged in and he was with me in my room. You've seen my base, the guys been on the server for 20 minutes. There is 0% chance of him finding my base this quick. Plus, how is anyone moving all my stuff so quickly with only 1 set-home available?

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My apologies. A few hours ago, I made the mistake of adding an overzealous permission, which allowed players to teleport to others homes. I have fixed the error, banned xxcamxx, and I will refund all lost items.

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Full hazmat suit

20-30 pieces of leather

2 stacks of wheat

3 stacks of grass seed

10 pumpkins

Obsidian Paxel and sword

T3 launcher platform

T3 launcher control panel

T3 launcher support frame

3 missle modules

Ultimate energy cube, guess its called Elite now

Nuclear cluster missile


20 insulated wires

3 stacks of iron ingots

1.5 stacks of copper ingots

2 stacks of platinum

1 stack of gold

1.5 stacks of steel ingots

1 stack of bronze

16 bronze plates

3 stacks of enriched iron

1 stack of enriched alloy

6-7 stacks of redstone

4 stacks of coal

3 stacks of lapis

1 stack of copper dust

2 stacks of tin dust

20+ uranium

2 stacks of gunpowder

32 tnt

1 stack of iron ore

2 stacks of copper ore

32 platinum ore

10 uranium ore

and my precious 11 diamonds

not to mention my pretty cows died from radiation...

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Sorry for the connection problems. Our host(not our individual server) is undergoing a DDoS.

@Keyboard use the [randomspawn] signs at the end of the spawn tunnel.

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