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[1.1.3]VoltzHaven[PvP][30 Slots]Quick start---no map resets---community

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looks like a nice server, but let me get this right:

It's hardcore PVP, however if you lose your stuff you can get it back?

If you are refering to the incident with patrick, that was a mistake. The new plugin I had just put on allowed users to teleport to other users home WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Patrick had been raided unfairly, and due to my mistake, so I refunded his items.

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Admin staff application: I usually am on the server every day and I know how hard it is to be administrator, I own a bukkit and voltz server.

I know that I can’t play but I enjoy fixing problems and helping players when something is wrong. I never go "ugh...” when there is a technical problem instead I’m always happy. I play about 2-6 hours every day when I’m no having a special occasion (99% of the time) and always am on. I usually am on the server from 3:30pm-7:30pm Atlantic Time on weekdays and weekends basically the whole day. If you have any plugin problems I will happily fix them to help the server I love. Even if I can’t play I will still come on since I know how much the server needs me. When the server updated and people lost their stuff all I wanted to do was help them and give them their stuff back and make sure they aren’t lying to pix for good stuff. I mainly like helping people; it makes me feel good like I’m doing something for someone. I still haven’t gotten tired and annoyed by people asking things on my server because every time they ask me something instead of making my mood go too annoyed and pissed off, it goes to happy. I especially like to ban/kick spammers and people that are trying to do bad things to the server. People generally like me because I don’t abuse my admin rights and like that I don’t tolerate hackers because they are ruining other people’s fun.

Pixel you can trust me because I have experiences with voltz and I know what to do when something goes wrong. If something doesn’t spawn, I can make a chest shop to level out the economy. Pixlepix, you can ask me to do something and I’ll do it because I know what to do. When my friends have a computer problem they can’t figure out, they call or skype me and I always fix their problem.



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