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Annual skin contest


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Hello, Today I am holding 'The annual skin contest'! Just post your skin in a message and add some details. Here's my skin!

http://forums.technicpack.net/C:UserskellyDesktopSkinsNOD Soldier.png

Yeah i made this skin on friday for a tekkit server i play on

http://forums.technicpack.net/tekkit skin.png

You're both idiots. You can't link a file from your C:/ drive and have it display over the web, nor can you simply link to a nonexistent file on the Technic site - where 1'm sure you don't have FTP access - and expect that to be displayed.

Now, upload your stuff to imgur.com and link it using image tags.

For the record, here's a nice view of my current skin:


Bonus points if you can find the URL for the skin itself.

Extra bonus points if you know what the skin is based on.

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