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Drunkraft(WIP) - Discussion and Suggestion


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Drunkcraft is good.

But if it's necessary:

Applied Fermentation



Liquid Bread


A cold one




A cold one!


The exclamation point make those two very interesting. I like them.

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Suggestions are quite welcome, and we have happy hour between 9 and 10 PM, with drinks at half-price. :frogc00l:

I'll have a pint of your finest ale.

Also, having booze concoctions that have very negative effects (Too high of a proof = poison or wither effect), and some that can kill you instantly would be cool. It'd add a bit of realism to it for me.

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No worries.

I liked the idea of this mod, so it'd be sad if it didn't happen.

Even if it only ends up with a working test version, like the one you're shooting for now, it'd be good enough for me.

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