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{1.0.4} Hexxit Co | Factions PvP | Auctions | MobArena | 16GB RAM | 500 Slots


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IGN: SirDerpKing

Experience with Hexxit: I'm new to Hexxit but i'm a Researching, mastering the way's of Hexxit.

Experience with plugins: I'm not really a plugin man, but if you need help ill be there and support you and get the job done.

Age(optional): Personal

Past experience being staff: I have been mod/admin on past servers.

Why should I pick you?(long answer): I would help out, make the server last long, have everyone feel good and stay on. I wish you to not look at me like i'm some mod but as a friend a person you can trust. I will support you all the way, if you need a job done then i will get it DONE! I will do everything in my power to make the server fun, for everyone to enjoy! I will try my best to stay on the server as long as i can, and keep updated with everyone and whats going on. I hope we can chill together and have fun :D If you wish i will skype with you, Contact me in-game.

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Hello I am applying for moderator on this hexxit server server.


IGN: FlamingColt14

Experience with Hexxit: Well Hexxit is a new modpack, I've played for about a week, and have experience with most of the mods individually.

Experience with plugins: I know alot about plugins, they are made to keep things in order, and make running a server easier. Such as groups, teleportation and more.

I have ran my own server before and know what plugins are and how to utilize them to help members.

Age(optional): 14

Past experience being staff: I have been staff on some vanilla servers as well as some among the modpacks on the launcher.

Why should I pick you?(long answer): I come to Minecraft servers to play and enjoy Minecraft, and ensure that my peers can do the same. I can dedicate my whole computer time to moderating this great server, and help it grow. Like stated above, I have experience in plugins, as well as being staff on other servers. I also know how to discipline trouble makers, and help members. I do not get personal gain from the experience of being staff. I will help people even if I do not get picked for the position. I hope I will be able to join the community as a staff member. Thank you for reading.

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Experience with Hexxit:I know basically everything there is to know on hexxit,I Started playing 10 mintutes after it was released,and straight away looked up as much info on all the mods that i could find.

Experience with plugins:I Know most of the commands for most plugins, and know the workarounds and know what most commands do i have lot's pf exprience with World edit.

Age(optional):15 nearly 16

Past experience being staff:I Have been staff on many of server One is a Tekkit server www.Quantekk.net , others where voidswrath server which went down i have been co-owner on many previous servers and know how to treat fellow staff members and players.

Why should I pick you?(long answer):Well i have been playing minecraft since around the dev version so i know everything about vannila ,in my spare time i research mainly about mod's and how they work so i have a Amazing understanding of How mods work and cant be a great asset in stopping people from fighting ,I'am calm and peaceful player unless i'am pvping.I'am kind and respectuful,I'can be extremly helpful with making ranks making a website , Advertising.Showing new players around and keep order on the server and most importantly when your busy anwser all the players questions.

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IGN: xXiNsAn1TyXx

Experience with Hexxit: Ever since it came out.

Experience with plugins: I own 4 servers I know almost all plugins known to man

Age(optional): 16

Past experience being staff: Owner of 4 servers Admin on a couple

Why should I pick you?(long answer): You should pick me to be staff because I probaby have the most experience with Minecraft out of anyone else. I have gone server through server trying to learn all about Minecraft itself, and also learn how to create one so that maybe one day I could be successful. Now I currently own Alohacraft which brings on 100+ people 24/7. I believe that I could help out the server and you tremendously by handling the people that need help, and setting the server up for success! :) Thank You, Jonathan Rowe

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IGN: xXDeadFallenXx

Experience with Hexxit: Im pretty good with hexxit from 7/10 mostly tinker construct is the problem i have with...

Experience with plugins: I know how to work with plugins such as Faction/world edits/etc

Age(optional): 13

Past experience being staff: I was a helper on vanilla server and a admin on a faction server helping and resolving question is what i do best as a staff...

Why should I pick you?(long answer): i see there not many staff on the server and i like to help and resolve people question,giving recommendation to the owner is another thing i do best...

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Hey y0b! I had some great ideas like pop into my head. I was thinking that you should make a mob arena you know and like the things you get from them like the bones and arrows and rotten flesh, you can sell them in the shop because most people dont need rotten flesh and with the bones i guess you dont have to sell them because they have lots of uses actually but anyways. I think you should also make the shop maybe somewhere else but not in spawn because people are complaining how theres nothing really in it (but you probably don't care) but i could always help with that :P Also i think you should and shouldnt make a pvp arena. I think you should because if people dont wanna go in widerness and fight, they can go in pvp arena but i also think you shouldnt make one because all around spawn it warzone so yeah haha xD And if you want, i know some minigames that i can setup that i have made on single player (because ima loner) that you might like (battle arena where you get knocked off into lava and die) or brawl as i may call it. I dont really have the commands set because its hard to put it as if the player instead of having lava say water. Instead of them having to fall into the water and then they get teleported away. That i cannot do because im just not that smart i guess you could say?.. Unless there's a plugin that allows that. Also if you are maybe i don't know if you are or not plaining on making spawn bigger because tbh its quite small but its good :P i think you should make it alil bigger and if you make it bigger you could also make 2 rooms for the pig/sheep (if you want)/cow etc. non-hostile mobs to spawn in, instead of the 2 small pens that you have as of right now because there nice but very small. If you do decide to do any of this, i would be glad to help if you need it :P Thanks for reading this long ass paragraph haha xD Peace out!


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Unknown Host "Hexxit.co" It was only a crash yesterday, all it needed was a restart. Did you guys take the server down? I really hope that's not the case because this is by far the best Hexxit server I played on :/

Same here! I hope they didnt either. ill be very sad if they do :(

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I would like to be a part of the regular moderators and, If needed, for a position as builder.

IGN: Skylord_Dave8829

Experience with Hexxit :I have been playing now for a few weeks (first server was hexxit.co lol) and I now know most everything there is to know about hexxit

Experience with plugins:I have help build about 4 servers from bottom to top so while I have a good knowlage of plugins they are not my specialty


Past experience being staff:As I said I have built 4 servers from bottom to top and have been staff on on several includeing legitpvp, mcLeathal, legendsPVP, MCElite, and mcSkyblock.net

Why should I pick you?(long answer): I have loved building in minecraft ever since I started, slowly as I built more I started getting better until the point where I started applyimg for jobs as a server builder. I have been payed before for my services, but that's not what I want here. I just like the idea and publicity your server has and I would like to be a part of what this server will become. I will app a few pictures to show some of my past work if you want to see some more you could send me something through this forum, or through the server, and if you want I could show you in real time through skype at dave8829. Thank you for considering my application

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