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{1.0.4} Hexxit Co | Factions PvP | Auctions | MobArena | 16GB RAM | 500 Slots


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IGN: PeachCheetah

Desired role: Admin

Age: 22

Experience with Hexxit (required for Helper): Have hosted my own server and have played around with all the mods in creative and single player.

Past experience with servers: I have a few of my own servers that I run but am looking for a staff position in a more active community.

Plugin Knowledge: Like I said, I have my own servers and have played around with a lot of plugins. Options and config wise so I have a great understanding of them.

I have also been a mod/admin on other servers that I no longer play on. I have experience with dealing with in game arguments which mostly seem to be 16 or younger with all that immaturity. Usually a couple minute mute will prevent an all out flame war, clogging up the chat dialog for people that aren't butthurt. I have done quite a few big creative builds so if there is any need for new buildings I have a lot of experience in medieval and Asian style builds.

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IGN: weparty802

Desired role:helper/mod/admin


Experience with Hexxit: Ever since Hexxit came out, my friends and i created a server to play together. I have learned about a lot of the mods in Hexxit in my friends server.

Past experience with servers: Besides the server i play on with just my friends, this is the first Hexxit server I have been on. This server is great with some kind people on to play with.

Plugin Knowledge: I have played around with most plugins on my friends server so i have a good understanding of them.

Other: I want to help people have the same amount of fun on this server as I do. I want to help this server grow to be the top Hexxit server. I have been a mod/admin on a regular minecraft server as well as some tekkit servers, but i do not play on them anymore. I have done participated in multiple creative builds that resemble asian style buildings. My skype name is inkuban.

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IGN: BlueGale27

Desired Role : helper

Age : 19

Experience with Hexxit : I have only played hexxit for a few months now however I very much enjoy many aspects of the mod and I'm still learning new things about it.

Past experience with servers: mostly just helping out on smaller servers, were i either know the owner personally or i have stayed on the server for a long time.

Plugin Knowledge: unfortunately, the servers I've been on don't use to many plugins so im a little out dated on how some of the work, but I'm always interested in learning something new.

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IGN: wolfy151rum

Desired role : Mod

Age : 14

Past experience with servers: I've owned 2 servers and have been Oped on 5 and would help stop greifing/scaming, and i have never abused my power on any server.

Plugin Knowledge:i know a little about the plugins but i can help with any of the server needs for them.

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IGN*: fideman

Desired role* Administrator

Age* 23 yes i still play mind craft at 23

Experience with Hexxit (required for Helper):no Experience just love playing it

plus it has my Favorited animal the chocobo

Past experience with servers:

i have owned my own server called frostwarriors

it was popular in tell i couldn't foot the bill for it sadly i lost it

have been admin on others servers

Plugin Knowledge:

- Factions-pretty good with it

- CombatLog-none

- Auctions-some

- PlayerHeadswould love to get to now that mod

- Votifier-none

- MobArena-none

- PvPTimer-some

- Lottery-none

- Survival Games-none

Other (Add any other information you find necessary here):

i have a job at wall-mart and as a deck hand on a boat ,

and yes i work at Walmart part time, i'm a friendly person

i'm a fast learner so al i ask is give me a chance i might surprise you

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IGN SlenderDude908


experience with plugins i know all commands for your plugins

and i can help with them if u need help

skype:waldostudios or SlenderDude908

past experience:been a admin 10 times mod 7 times on other servers

and i love to help to help with servers im a very nice person and very helpful

i never rage or get angry when i die or anything like that

I would make a great staff on your server and u would be very proud of me

Thanks for reading this if u choose me i wont let u down

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  • IGN*:awesomedug1115

  • Desired role* (see above):moderator

  • Age* (preferably 18+, exceptions can be made):19 as of the 8th of march

  • Experience with Hexxit (required for Helper):i have been on hexxit sense it had came about, i somewhat study the wiki and people say im a little bit more than addicted to the mod pack
  • Past experience with servers:i have been on many servers before and have been staff on many as well

  • Plugin Knowledge:iv been on minecraft for quite some time(sense beta before beta) and i have experimented with quite alot of servers such as factions playerheads combatlog and auctions and i know alot about each plugin i have mentioned

  • Other (Add any other information you find necessary here):my skype is blackrose9x9, and my razor comm is awesomedug1115, i also have teamspeak installed aswell

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Desired role* (see above):administrator

Age* (preferably 18+, exceptions can be made):21

Experience with Hexxit (required for Helper):100% I know everything about it

Past experience with servers:i have been a admin on 27 other servers.

Plugin Knowledge:i know a lot about worldedit and i wont abuse the powers.

Other (Add any other information you find necessary here):I will try my best to make the server better if i get it. If i get this role i will help out anyone who asks for help. unless it is bad.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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