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1.1.5 - Industrial Revolution! Tekkit Server


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IGN: mrpresedent

Location: USA

Age: 13

Ban History: Non-existent

Tekkit Exp: Have been playing tekkit since it came out, have been on numerous server.

Goals: I look to help the community by creating massive utility and production buildings and just have fun playing on the server.

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Server Has changed from Tekkit to Feed The Beast version 1.1.2, we apologize for this inconvenience but after long thought and consideration we've decided that the server could flourish and be more entertaining for everyone with this mod-pack.

Thank you for your constant support, these forum will be up a few moments longer while we set up the new one for FTB.

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IGN: Hersheysixty

Location: United States

Age: 18

Ban History: None

Tekkit Exp: I have recently got into tekkit just a few weeks ago and love it.

Goals: I'd like to build whatever comes to mind and play with a mature community.

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IGN: Templar_Luke

Location: Portugal ( Western Europe )

Age: 13

Ban History: I was banned once on a non-whitelist vannila server called VetaCraft due to a prank ( i considered it a prank ) i put on a player ( filled his place with sand and gravel ) but he didnt accepted it as a prank. Although I also cleaned it all up, got unbanned and didn't ever again do anything like that.

Tekkit Experience: I am used to most of the tech based mods in old tekkit and in ftb ( like IC2, Buildcraft, etc) but I'm a little noob with the things this new tekkit has.

Goals: I'd love to play in the server becuase I'd play in a friendly community and build a really cool base. Another of the reasons i'm looking towards entering your server is because the server i've been playing on recently got closed, and yours seems a lot like it. I'm hoping the community is as awsome as it was on the other server ( It's name was Ultimate Gaming and it was Whitelisted ).

FTB experience( just in case ): I am very experienced with most FTB mods and i may help other people if they need help.


Sorry for any spelling mistakes you may find

And don't judge me by being only 13, most people think I'm older when they play with me without knowing this.

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In Game Name: EMT_PY

Location: Vermont, USA

Age: 29

Ban History: None

Tekkit Experience: Just starting out, have been playing regular Minecraft for a while, want something new.

Goals on the server: I would like to explore tekkit more, and all the mods. I want to create a great base. I love complicated technical things.

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In Game Name: ems_fire

Location: Vermont (USA)

Age: 25

Ban History: I have never been ban from a server

Tekkit Exp: I have only been playing Tekkit for about 2 mounths so im still getting use to it. What i have played of it I rilly like. I played Minecraft for a wile before coming to Tekkit.

Goals: I would like to build a base to start off with, then i want to start exploring all the new things Tekkit has.

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IGN: 9182736455

Location: NSW in Australia

Age:12 though i have never been baned

Ban History: nope never been baned

Tekkit exp: I will be honest i'm basically a noob at tekkit know some stuff but not much

Goals:make massive factories and trade the output of them for valuable stuff

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GN: Maddog1369

Location: Midwest USA


Ban History:None

Tekkit exp: Pretty new to the online portion of tikkit but have been offline for several months.

Goals: build large under ground facilitates will assisting other players as needed.. looking for a good several for which to learn more of the online portion of mine-craft.

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- IGN: Chocobunny

- Age: Just turned 15

- Location: Sweden

- Ban history: Well, not on any Tekkit servers, but on some vanilla servers.

- Tekkit Experience: Well, I used to play Classic Tekkit, and I felt that I wanted to play more Tekkit, thus noticing that there are a lot of more mods than before, so I might occasionally ask some questions, but that's it.

- Goals on the server: My goal will be to explore the new mods and use them to their full capacity.

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IGN: ApolloChewbacka


Location: USA

Ban History: Once on a Tekkit classic server have become much more mature since.

Tekkit Experience: Have played Tekkit classic for around a year and a half would consider myself an expert kinda. New to the new one though so might need some help now and then.

Goals on the server: I hope to explore and learn how to use all the new mods in Tekkit and build some awesome houses.

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IGN: Skg_Kyle

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 16

Ban History: Non-existant

Tekkit experience: I honestly don't know much about advanced machinery in tekkit but I have the basics

Goals: I want to learn more about tekkit and how to use it, ranging from advanced rails to exploring all new locations!, also I would love to build an actual factory

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IGN: EliteAnax17

Age: Undisclosed. I do not give out private information regarding this, however for the sake of such I will list it as being between 20 and 30.

Location: Also undisclosed, however I will list it as "Somewhere in the Western Hemisphere."

Ban History: No, not to my knowledge, unless it was for a stupid jealous reason by the Administration.

Tekkit Experience: Since 1.0.6.

Goals on the Server: Working on various proprietary engine schematics for long term energy sources, as per the goals of Bio Lab Conglomorates.

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IGN: AssossaGPB

Location: Florida, US

Age: 14

Ban History: Once on a vinella server, but i was like 11

Tekkit experience: I know a lot about technical mods. I have been playing tekkit and FTB for about a year.

Other: I have 3 other friends that want to join also, I will have them post too.

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IGN: Hirazrador

Age: 21

Location: Groton, CT, USA

Ban History: Nope

Tekkit Expirence: A little more than a year now, still not as good with Galacticraft.

Goals: Me and my Friend SUPTONATOR (his IGN is realy caps :) and crypton135 wish to start a space company; Orbital Technologies Enterprises.

My friends dont have forums accounts. Is there any chance this can be thier apps too?

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IGN: xXInsomniacXx

Location: Pennsylvania USA

Age: 26

Ban History: What ban history? lol

Tekkit Exp: I can do it all, been playing minecraft in general for at least 5-6 years. I am coming here from FTB Ultimate. I need a break from GregTech after making 5 fusion reactors legit. I have also hosted and ran Vanilla, Tekkit, and FTB servers at some point in time.

Goals: Refresh the memory of how much fun tekkit was, and achieve end game of course. I'm nice and am willing to help others learn how things are made.

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