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[1.1.10] RiffRaff Syndicate [PvE/PVP][40 Slots][No mods removed] Rise of the RiffRaff Syndicate


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I'm sad to announce that our tekkit server is closing at the end of the month.

When it is offline i shall post the world in a drop-box for everyone to download.

We are closing the tekkit server cause the lack of players.

We are still continuing our FTB server DW20 1.6.4 on ftb.riffraffsyndicate.com 


As promised: http://files.esbohosting.nl/rrs_world.zip



Survival server with just a dash of adventure.Build, gather, mine and explore. Vast world full of danger yet still one might found cozy plot near a river to peacefully live by. Those hungry for adventure can try their nerves in deep system of Pocket dimensions with custom made dungeons or measure their fighting skill in Mob arena. If You like to hoard wealth, gather and set up your Shop to acquire even more wealth! Everybody can find their kind of music(disc) on RiffRaff Syndicate!


Dark corners of the world, out of sight of a common man, hides a ancient company of men called them self as RiffRaff Syndicate. Started as bunch of outlaws, now powerful organization controlling wealth of the world from behind the curtain. New shop opens in town with rival prices? Syndicate is behind it! Overwhelmed by zombies and endermen? Syndicate is behind it! Digging down and falls into lava? Syndicate, I say! Chests full of useless cobblestone? Thank Syndicate for that!

The world is changing and you must keep up. Even if You are living in peace, sooner or later They will find You. And when They do, You better be ready for Rise of the RiffRaff Syndicate!





  • Community oriented server with focused (but not enforced) on backstory
  • Dimensional Anchors enabled (4 chunks per player when Trusted)
  • Mining Age for convenient acquisition of minerals
  • Custom made plugin with Jailing system
  • Hidden backstory that player will unreveal using combined effort of players
  • Economy created with mind of Equivalent Exchange[
  • Enabled Dimensional Doors with custom made dungeons that will play on your nerves
  • Vicious Mob arena to prove yourself as a warrior
  • Regular Spleef tournaments with commented Livestreams
  • Connected to an IRC channel so you can chat with people ingame
  • PVP Anarchy Age for people who wish to live with a thrill




We made some custom internal changes to several Tekkit mods on the server side, mainly bug fixes and some balance mechanics regarding economy. You don't need to change anything on your client as all fixes are just on server part of the mod and will not directly affect You as a player.










Our Server tries to create tight community around Minecraft. Be respectful to others, including players and staff. Use common sense and don’t let your rage talk instead of you. If it is against rules or common sense in your country then the same applies on our server. We are grateful to have you around, but we will not tolerate any attempts to destroy our community, server or even a single day.


  • No Griefing
    • Breaking into other players houses, destroying others contraptions, stealing items from chests and other containers (Machines incl.)
    • We are using several Grief protection plugins so its only matter of time before we found you, ban you and repair any damage in manner of seconds
  • No Hacked/Modified Clients or X-ray additions
  • No Bad Language or Abuse of other players
  • No taking advantage of bugs or exploits
    • If You find bug/exploit feel free to report It to Us
    • If We found you were knowingly taking advantage of them, it's not good for You
  • No leaking machines (Pipes, Quarries etc.)
  • No Running machinery while you are offline
    • Turn off all contraptions, factories and machines that can be turned off
    • Including but not limited to: Quarries, Mining Wells, Turtles, BC Engines, Atomic science systems
  • No requests of Items, Teleports etc. from staff
    • This includes but not limited to: Item spawns, Teleportation, Weather Change, WorldEdit changes, Chest protection unlocks, Op status, Mod status (Unless properly applied for it)
  • Use English only and Common chat rules when chatting
    • Don’t overuse Caps
    • Don’t overuse punctuation marks (! and ? mostly)
    • In Personal Messages (/msg) you can talk as you want
  • Mind landscape and MC environment around you
    • Don’t carve landscape without reason
    • Don’t strip-mine
    • Quarry’s (and Wells and Mining turtles) are only allowed in the Mining age
    • Fill temporary 1x1 shafts when you are done
    • Take down 1x1 towers when you are done




What will protect you:

  • PermissionsEx (Everybody wants to belong!)
  • Griefprotection (Nobody wants mess on lawn)
  • Hawkeye (Everybody wants to know who rob them)
  • TekkitCustomizer (Nobody wants items that can harm them)

What will earn you money:

  • BattleSigns (Everybody wants money)
  • WebAuctionPlus (Nobody likes scams in trade)
  • Votifier (Everybody wants to help server they like)

What will help us:

  • WorldBorder (Nobody wants huge maps that slows everybody)
  • Announcer (Everybody wants to yell something sometime)
  • Tekkitor (Nobody wants convicts out of jail)




Several items are banned (not permitted to use) on RiffRaff server. Mainly for security and performance issues.


Those include:

  • Dimensional Anchor / Teleport tether (Chunkloader is not banned)
  • Book Binder / Descriptive Book
  • Crystal chest
  • Unstable door
  • Plasma cannon upgrade (power tool) - Evades pvp flag
  • Balkans weapon mod: Battleaxe - Evades pvp flag


Some items are also restricted from use by newly joined Members. After 24 hours of pure playtime at our server, you will awarded with Trusted rank and gain access to those items:

  • Computers (And Turtles)
  • Chunk Loaders
  • Oil and Lava Fabricators
  • Auto-Spawner



Server is Greylisted. Meaning you can come visit us right away and come look around before you put your effort and write an application (or you can apply right away!)


Server adress: mc.riffraffsyndicate.com or tekkit.riffraffsyndicate.com

Tekkit version: Latest 1.1.10 pack

Uptime: 24 / 7


IRC Server: irc.esper.net

Channel: #riffraffsyndicate


TS Server: ts.riffraffsyndicate.com


To become a full member you need to apply as a reply to this thread using following format:






In-game name:


Time spent playing modded Minecraft:

Reason I want to join: (Valid reason -> surprise us! )

We reserve the right to decline anybody from becoming a member



We are looking forward to see You on server. The RiffRaff Syndicate is waiting, and only You can help to stop them!



Server will be in maintenance on Saturday 16th November for a move to a stronger and separate server.

Edited by RiffRaffSyndicate
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IGN: Dudodian

Age: 16

Time playing modded minecraft: About a year.

Reason I want to join: Because I really like the looks of this server, and I would like to record a tekkit playthrough with one other friend. This way, you'll get promoted.


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Hi there.

Just a quick application:

IGN: GoingToWork

Age: 28

Time playing modded minecraft: About 1.5 years

Reason I want to join: Well, i want to play some tekkit again and since its one of very few 1.1.7 servers and i also liked your introduction post i would like to take a look around your server.

So long,


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In-game name: Chocobunny

Age: Just turned 15

Time spent playing modded Minecraft: This question is a bit weird, since I've modded my minecraft from the very first day I discovered mods for the game. But, I presume you mean technic pack modpacks, so, I dunno, maybe like a few days of pure playtime on modpacks.

Reason I want to join: I used to play Tekkit Classic like last year and made a huge factory. Now I'm feeling a bit homesick from the game so I wanted to try Tekkit again. Alas, however, there were several new mods and old ones removed, so my reason for joining this server is to learn all of the new mods and perfect my usage of them.

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In-game name: iBtro

Age: 14

Time spent playing modded Minecraft: About a year.

Reason I want to join: Because me and my friend HoBoBoBo9 (who is going to apply as well) wanted to try to find a server for the new Tekkit Space.

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In-game name:HoBoBoBo9


Time spent playing modded Minecraft: 6 months

Reason I want to join: My friend iBtro an I are looking for a tekkit server to play, We Have played tekkit classic and would like to try normal tekkit and your this serve seeed very promising so we wanted to try it out.

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In-game name: licko123

Age: 14

Time spent playing modded Minecraft: about 3 years

Reason I want to join: My friend, Th3xLon3xHunt3r, introduced me to this server and I would love to help you guys ( p.s. This server has the best name a server can have (Riffraff...ah~~~ xD))

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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