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[3.1.2] PATtekkit! [24/7] [NoPvP] [20 slots] [Friendly Staff] - Quality is our pride.


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ign: same as here.

age: old enough to drink, drive, and get some action.

previous experience: multiple servers of tekkit classic, tekkit lite, and tekkit.  major in ic2 and buildcraft, with minor in ee.

join reason: getting another classic server with low downtime.

bringing to server: factories for common ic2 items, among other things, once established.

name: [redacted]

info about self: a tendency to build down instead of up.  a habit of wishing to get started right away in the mods rather than grinding in vanilla mode, generosity towards newbies once established.

location:two time zones, more likely central time,but sometimes it becomes eastern. (gmt -6/-5)

short bio: nothing much, just a player who tends to like small (3-5) groups and building machinery.

agreement with rules:wholeheartedly.  rules make it better for getting rid of griefers and trolls.

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