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[1.0.12a] ♕♕♕ LEGENDARY EMPIRE ♕♕♕ JOIN TODAY! ✔︎NO WHITELIST ✔︎120 slots ✔︎No PvP ✔︎No Grief ✔︎No lag ✔︎24/7 ✔︎32GB RAM

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*Your in-game name: stopit3333
*What do you think about the serverarrow-10x10.png?: The server is very fun to go on and I go on it every day if I can. It is very enjoyable and I hope I'll be able to be a member.
*Is there anything we could improve on the serverarrow-10x10.png?: In my opinion I would like it if you could protect land without using fences.

Thank you for this amazing server and I hope to be a member! 

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IGN: Toehold42

*What do you think about the server?: I like it, fairly lag-free, I think the world map could be a bit larger, but a good trade-off for the lack of lag.

*Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Other than the world size not really. I did have a bit of confusion at the start with claiming land until I realized that the starting size was 400 blocks.


I also am having trouble with the world crashing right after log in.  I had this happen on Feb 15, was able to log and play for about 10 min on Feb 16 until the problem happened again. No dragon egg, it simply crashed to the Technic launcher while flying about the world in bat form. Unable to log in currently.

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Try join now.


I managed to get on, and noticed that my inventory had apparently gotten reset. I started running back towards where I'd decided to build, to see if my crafting benches etc were still there, but before I got there the game crashed back to the launcher again... and now I can't log  back on, it's gone back to crashing every time I try to join the server.

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Okey figured out these problems aren't all coming from the dragon mount mod. So to solve this, everyone that gets these client crashes should do the following to help stop them;

1- Go to your technic folder ( like you would with your .minecraft folder, but it's called technic )

2- Go to modpacks folder

3- Go to attack of the b-team folder

4- Go to crash reports folder

5- Take the one and one crash report and paste it into HERE

6- Comment the link of the pastebin


Then I will look through the crash report and try fix the bug.

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Everytime i try to log in it logs me in and the world loads, but i instantly crash, please help, I have been trying to log in all day. I have reported this before , but gotten no help please someone give me some assistance.

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