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[1.0.12a] ♕♕♕ LEGENDARY EMPIRE ♕♕♕ JOIN TODAY! ✔︎NO WHITELIST ✔︎120 slots ✔︎No PvP ✔︎No Grief ✔︎No lag ✔︎24/7 ✔︎32GB RAM

Please vote!  

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  1. 1. Do you like the server?

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    • No!
    • It's perfect!

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*In-game name: yellowcobbler

*What do you think about the server: I like it, most of the mods work properly, unlike some other servers that I have been on.

*Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Maybe expanding the world size abit more and mabe an area that we can go to and trade with villagers or something to get the harder materials/items in the game.

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*In-game name: Albatross072

*What do you think about the server: Really enjoying it so far, it's fun to play this great modpack with some other people around :)

*Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Perhaps try and find a way to increase the incentive for player cooperation. Without PvP that may be a little tough to do, but I'm sure there is a way :) Personally I'm happy with no PvP but maybe if you could form a faction/town with others and trade together to improve your town that would be cool!

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Accepted all the players above!

*In-game name: wurble00


*What do you think about the server:


It's good. Very stable. Not so much when it's full but there we are. Liking the no PVP for a change, still means I have to protect stuff from petty thieves..


*Is there anything we could improve on the server?:


Maybe fewer slots. Or item clearing every 15min or so. Also, chat is waaaay too congested. I've seen servers using a /local for people within X distance that shows up in a certain colour, a /help one that's brighter and displays globally, a /trade - for obv reasons. Perhaps with messages and temp mutings to discourage chatting in global. Keep up the good work and maybe hire some Helpers so you don't get flooded with HALP MEH PROTECT MUH THINGY every time you login.

Yeah may add clearlagg. Local chat is a good idea also i'm going to start accepting staff into the server. Just have to get some reliable people on first!

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location: Houston, Texas


In game name: treehouse1608


what i like about the server: I like that the server has protection for your plots and also that it doesn't disable morph and has a not destroyed world to play in. I also like small communities to play with my friends.


Suggestion: I think you should add a PvP &/or raid subserver


do you agree to the rules: Yes, of course! 


 This is me applying for member

Edited by treehouse1608
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IGN: Psykotic_Rush

Age: 17

Location: NY, USA

What do I think of this server? I think the server has a great thing going for it and has a great up-time.

Is there any room for improvement? Not really, asides my personal tastes, this server is perfect.

Do I accept the server rules? Of course I do.

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IGN: MrGoche

 The Server is pretty awesome considering all the mods installed. If i ever find any problem will tell you . 


 At the moment the only thing i can think of to add would be a random teleport button at the spawn. So when you spawn you click the button then your own your way. 


IF this Game Ever gets White-listed again as i see there is a poll for it here's my answers for that:

 Age: ~19 close enough

 Loc: Illinois, USA. 


Why i want to be in this server? To build and to build with people. Play minecraft, Have fun. Learn the Modpack.

I respect your rules and salute them.

Edited by MrGoche
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NOW 1.0.7

IP Address: play.legendaryempire.net


(^click above^)


VOTE for 5 free diamonds here: CLICK ME!





Get Member:

Get member and get some new perks which default rank doesn't have. Perks: Set 2 homes, larger protection claim area, /tpa, and member prefix!

Make a comment and fill out this form:

*In-game name:

*What do you think about the server:

*Is there anything we could improve on the server?:


Key features:

  • Survival
  • No PvP
  • Economy
  • Anti-grief
  • Friendly gameplay for all ages
  • No requirements to join other than being whitelisted!
  • 35 lag free player slots!
  • 24/7 uptime - Hosted commercially, not home hosted!
  • Crash detection and auto restart - If the server crashes it will auto restart!

Whitelist application (copy and paste):

Put the whitelist application in a comment and fill it out then comment it. You'll probably be accepted within a few hours ( maybe even less! ) if the application is good! Please read the rules before putting up a whitelist application.

In-game name:



Why do you want to join?:

Do you accept the server rules?:


Server rules:

Please follow all rules at all times and notice a staff member if someone does not follow the rules. There will be punishment for not following the rules.


  • Do not grief
  • Do not steal
  • Do not spam or use all caps in the chat
  • Do not advertise for other servers
  • Do not use bugs to get an advantage
  • Be friendly towards anyone!
  • Have respect for anyone!
  • Do have fun!


Disabled mods:


  • Modern weaponry for Flan's mod - Bypasses no PvP.
  • Minions - Protection bypass
  • Saints pack 




  • Essentials
  • RedProtect
  • Fe
  • ChestShop
  • Skript
  • PermissionsEx
  • WorldBorder

And a few more for server administration, but those are the one you will interfere with in the server!



Legendary Empire is a new AotBT server, we're hoping for a great and friendly community which every player can enjoy. We do hope you enjoy it and if you have any suggestions for the server to make it better, tell us in a comment!

*In-game name:nbrew8.

*What do you think about the server: awesome server, with nice people.

*Is there anything we could improve on the server?: make 2 split portals, one neather, one tropics.

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