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[1.0.12a] ♕♕♕ LEGENDARY EMPIRE ♕♕♕ JOIN TODAY! ✔︎NO WHITELIST ✔︎120 slots ✔︎No PvP ✔︎No Grief ✔︎No lag ✔︎24/7 ✔︎32GB RAM

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i put down a dragon egg and k=now i can't get back on the server. what do i do? did i get banned or something?



I cant get on either jack, it's strange. And no one has offered help since much earlier today :(



Seriously guys.. I desperately need help. I can't play on this server anymore and I loved it so much while i could. Every time i load in it just closes my minecraft and brings me back to the launcher. It's only this server it does it to, as I checked a second ago.



I need help. Every time I start the game, it loads me into the world for like half of a second and then closes minecraft. Any suggestions?

Guys I think this is a problem with the world where you are when you log in. I'll go through the world folders and delete your player.dat files and you will most likely be able to play again. I can't guarantee it will work, and I can't guarantee you will get back all your stuff, butt for now I think this is the best solution as it's better than not being able to player. 


Update: Currently saving up for a dedicated server, this will improve performance as well as we could have more slots if all goes as planned! To help us reach our goal and let us get our dedicated server, go to web.legendaryempire.net Thank you!

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IGN: yayguy

Age: 16

Location: Utrecht, netherlands

what do you think about the server: its a cool server, that allows me to play with friends, which is awesome!

do you accept the server rules: of course! rules are there to be followed, right?

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Member Application


In-game name: TheDoctor621


*What do you think about the server: I like the fact that people are always curious and asking questions meaning they are eager to learn more about the server. I like that because I know that people on the server can get attached and want to play more.  


*Is there anything we could improve on the server?: I might be a bit hasty but, the permissions are a bit limited for the Guests. This is completely your decision but I would recommend that you expand the commands that people have.


      Thank you


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In-Game Name : sheldon050

What Do you think about the server?

Answer: Its AWESOME! Not really laggy, people are nice and kind! Admins are super great!

Is there anything we could improve on the server?

Answer: a better spawn, a command to a wild place or something, the server is really awesome it dont really have to be improved much :) oh wait! make the chat message to a brighter colour :) 

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in-game name: Paradox_boy

What do you think about the server: I think its a really fun server because there are a load of mods on it you can do things you can't oon a vanilla server

Is there anything we could improve on the server? Yes just 1 thing i think you should make a pvp arena where people make things to batle it our

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in game name: mischatak2011

age: 14

location: Utrecht, Netherlands

why would you like to join?: I'am playing for a copple of hours with a frend, he is memeber and I'm no so I think it's time to change that

why do you like the server: it's a nice server with kind people, I love attack of the b-team

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