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[1.0.12a] ♕♕♕ LEGENDARY EMPIRE ♕♕♕ JOIN TODAY! ✔︎NO WHITELIST ✔︎120 slots ✔︎No PvP ✔︎No Grief ✔︎No lag ✔︎24/7 ✔︎32GB RAM

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To the owner of this spectacular server: Could you please add the furniture mod doors to the list of things protected by rp? I loved my magic wood carpenter's doors, but people keep going through my house while I am away.. I just had an embryo stolen right from my cultivator. If you could consider this that would be grand. Thank you for your time. :)

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IGN: asbjoern11

Thoughts about server: i dont have much i just started, but it seems like a good one, not much lag and easy to understand, has all the mods i need and you know.

i dont think anything about the server should be changed, lag free would be nice but thats impossible :)

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In Game Name: _LoneWolf_

What do you think about the server?: Its great so far... Compared to other servers it probably has the least amount of lag!

Is there anything we could improve on the server?: I personally don't think so... It's all good so far... :D

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