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Please fix this problem (key reset every update)


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Hi guys, I appreciate so much that you are always trying to add new features and fixing bugs updating the modpack, but if there is a way to keep the keys, because are a lot and every time that there is an update we have to reassign all.
I don't like to complain too much because you all are doing a great job with this modpack but if you find a solution to this annoying problem will be a fantastic thing for all of us.
Thank you.
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not all the updates wipe out keybinds, however you are right that some do (and recent ones have).  unfortunately this is usually unavoidable when it happens due to the nature of the game and mods.  if you would like to save yourself some hassle, backup your keybinds file after you've customized it to your liking so that if another wipe occurs, you can simply drop in the backup and be on your way.

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