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Local Server or client problems


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Hello everybody!


My name is Freddy705 and i want to ask you guys in the community for assistance.

Me and my girlfriend have a Local server.

The Local Server is a desktop, not the BEST but decen


8gb RAM

HDD 1tb

CPU: AMD A6-6400k APU Radeon 3.90 GHz


Our problem is, mainly one thing: Ingame fps.


Normally in minecraft old versions i myself norally have about 200-350 fps aka everything before 1.6.4

Current fps in base 60-135 fps


Have in mind this base is not big at all, not many light sources.


Also it seems like, the more time we spend at the base the laggier it gets. (fps).

Eventually we have to logg out, save world and reboot server. Then it helps for a while 1-2 hours. then lagg is coming back.


Same comes to Tekkit and other modpacks. We cant play because our fps is falling to 20-60 fps (1.6.4)


Is this server side problem or client problem? We have indeed set our ram at the launcher to 2-3 gb and not 1gb

also server is running 6gb + 6 gb aka java -Xmx6G -Xms6G


Is it a tool i need to install on the server or something i have missunderstood. Also i know a server needs much resources, but we are two people playing at max, which os really odd that the server cant (if its the case) keep up.



Anyone know someting?

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Be sure there's no items being dropped by machines constantly causing build up as this will drop your FPS greatly, but probably doesn't lag the server.


A few things you can try:

1. Install a plugin like NoLagg/ClearLagg/StopThatLag and run it every once in a while

2. Try installing Optifine

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