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[1.0.7] Khudnirns Server! [PvE][20 slots][Whitelist][Nothing Banned][Rules Inside]

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Name: Ginma
Age: 20
Best thing you ever built? : I've built numerous asian style temples, out of which, the most remarkable would be my Golden Palace which is basically a huge japanese court palace with a beautiful japanese garden in the middle. That being said, I am prolific at other builds outside the asian style.
The entirety of my builds can be visited on teh Rooster-Craft server, which I've co-owned for 3 years now,.  On this server we have a tight-knigt community who build and work together. I wanted the same experience in a mod-pack of my liking, but I wanted to play it without having to worry about being an admin, but just a player.

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Name: Silvershot335
Age bracket: 15-20
TZ : UTC -6:00 (Central US)
Best thing you ever built: My fully functional and self-sustaining hotel/factory in older Tekkit Classic. As well as several bases and space stations across a range of different modpacks.
Why this server?: I need a good community to play with. I have a friend who will hopefully apply with me, and we just need a good place to call home. I'm sick of whining children, griefing, cheating, or just annoyances of the "public(?)" kind. And, even at that, just a good place to play Tekkit where I feel comfortable and not too lonely like in SSP.
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