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Weather and Tornado Mod Problems


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Hey there Technic community I need some help. I was on Attack of the B-Team when i used a Torand and Weather mod test item on my world and now I can't get back to the world it still shows up in my worlds folder in app data but cant play it. I haven't tried many options but would love to hear what you have to offer. Spent alot of time on that world maybe you guys can save it. 


Signed Jameslongbow

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If you post the crash log it might help the people here give you a suggestion, though if it's not showing up at all in the list you could try opening it in MCEdit and immediately saving it, that can fix corrupted chunks sometimes (though it does it by resetting them to their original worldgen state, so beware of that).  Make sure you back it up before trying any direct editing like that on it, though.

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