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[1.2.9g] Sombrero Craft: Tekkit Main [Economy][Space][EST. 2012]


Server Interests  

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  1. 1. What aspect of our server are you most excited about?

    • Creating shops
    • Meeting other members
    • Creating space stations
    • Travelling to the moon and/or Mars
    • Other

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Just joined, Amazing owner! Amazing community!!!!! I would love to help out the most I can!!! And this server is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wouldn't want to be apart of this! I am Recommending my friends! I am also thinking about joining the Pixelmon server too! I cant wait to see how it is, it is gunna be amazing!

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Even though, personally, i have only played this server for about only 2 weeks. This server has given me a great  experience in the new world of Tekkit Main. Unlike many servers out there. This server is not very strict, which makes it ideal for new players to have fun and explore, it has the basic rules its needs and has a good rank system to go along with it. If i had to rate this server on a 1 to 10 scale (1 being really good and 10 being bad) i would rate it 1. Great job on creating a epic community on this server xMachoMancha :D

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Just the best server Tekkit ever!! There isn't no comparation to any other servers! Love the Spawn, the Staff and all the interractive stuff to do!

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