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[1.2.9g] Sombrero Craft: Tekkit Main [Economy][Space][EST. 2012]


Server Interests  

98 members have voted

  1. 1. What aspect of our server are you most excited about?

    • Creating shops
    • Meeting other members
    • Creating space stations
    • Travelling to the moon and/or Mars
    • Other

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This server is very interesting, It has all the things right in it when it comes to the modpack it is for, with even more to it that helps and makes the community better.

There is no Griefing, Many of the dangerous materials are banned and can't be used so that no one dies or get hurts, the community is also very nice and well.

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Love this server, very friendly players, nice addons, really good server.

Gave me a Nice Home to stay on, they make you feel soo welcome here, you got a problem? They WILL fix it.

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