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[1.2.9g] Sombrero Craft: Tekkit Main [Economy][Space][EST. 2012]


Server Interests  

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  1. 1. What aspect of our server are you most excited about?

    • Creating shops
    • Meeting other members
    • Creating space stations
    • Travelling to the moon and/or Mars
    • Other

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                                                                                          ? Sombrero Craft Tekkit Main ?
                                                        ☑ Over 12,000 registered Members
                                                        ☑ Stable and reliable server (24/7 Uptime)
                                                        ☑ Established October 2012 (Over 3 years of experience)
                                                        ☑ Travel to Moon/Mars or build your own space station!
                                                        ☑ Tons of complementary plugins (lottery, mcmmo, slotmachines, playershops, and much more!)
                                                        ☑ Professionally designed website, server spawn, and other aesthetics
                                                        ☑ Friendly community, and professional staff
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SombreroCraft has a open and welcome environment for beginners and veterans to Tekkit. There is always someone online who can help with a problem, be it a MOD, ADMIN, another player or even the owner. One of the best servers i have ever been on.

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hi i just wanted to say that this is the best server i ever got on cause the staff is nice the people on it are welcoming there are no griefing no steeling and what not. i find this the best server there is i really sugest people to come and join cause its just amazing :)

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This is an awesome server with friendly staff amazing plugins and just about everything you could as for in a tekkit server! It is very friendly and most people are familiar with others on the server! Have a question? You'll get about 5 answers and not just get ignored!! Join sombrerocraft! If you mention this post I will help get you started for your starting money!

Hope you can join us - mr_miniman1000

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Best server ive found yet! I like this server alot its the only thing ive been playing since i found it 3 days ago and i had so much fun playing it, i like tekkit and i like to play with my friends so this is perfect! Thanks for creating this awsome server!


P.S. I realy like the fact that the neather is banned because i hate going there anyways...

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Username - Jake123patt


I have recently started playing on this server and the moment I joined I loved it. All the community were helping to either live with them or get a good home/resources. It has simple, easy rules which don't bother you unless your naughty :P I enjoy this server allot and I'm sure I will carry on playing on it for the rest of my life :)

Thanks Jake

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even though I am a total MC noob (darn kids addicted me) I do have alot of xp when it comes to gaming and to tell the truth this server is one of the best I have ever played on. the admins and mods are always ready to jump in to make sure your gaming experience is a good one even if its something as noobish as not placing materials right when crafting with the added bonus of no L2P that some jerks like to say.(ty firestar for not making me feel totally like a moron)

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Best server ever (Love the no lag) Best spawn ever been playing for about two days and im thinking to stay. its the best tekkit server ive been on, Nice people, Helpful admins. But I don't think that theirs active mods... Othewise BEST SERVER EVER! I give it a 10/10 for tekkit... JOIN TODAY! IP: tm.sombrerocraft.com

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