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How do you disable explosives on the servers?


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You can disable tornado block damage in the weather mod configs.

You can go into the files for Saint's Mod and change the block damage of the dubstep guns to zero.

You can disable Flan's mod explosive weapon block damage with "/teams explosions false", but I'm not sure if that persists over restarts.

You probably want to turn off worldgen of the Sacred Rubber Tree sapling in the MFR config.

You can set SPAMR.Exploding to false in the MFR config.

You can change the nyan pig gun config in TrailMix.cfg to zero.

If you use MCPC+ you can use the WorldGuard plugin to prevent block damage from TNT and all mobs.

If you use MCPC+ you can block the placement/use of things like Atlas, SDX, Florbs by players you don't trust.


That is just a start. I'm sure there's more.

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