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I have tried to play this mod pack for a while now but is just to laggy. in the launcher i allocated 4GB of ram of the 16 that i have, but when i launch the game a press F3 it shows i only allocated 500MB. and only having the 500MB causes the game to be unplayable. so if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

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I've seen that before in this thread, we never got to the bottom of it because the guy disappeared and didn't put it in the bug reporter;

Topic we talked in, take a look at the latest video and see if that looks the same as what you have;


Please post here so the right people can look at it;



Or here if it's only happening with B-Team;



Please also post your logfile to pastebin (go into settings where you set the ram and there's a logs button) so we can check that too.

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