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Allocating More Server Ram


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I run a B-team server and I need to allocate more RAM to the server. I have 64 bit java and 64 bit windows 8. If I've missed a forum that already discusses this, I would love a link. I have an allocate.bat but I'm not really sure if it's relevant, where it needs to be, or what the text inside needs to be specifically for B-Team.

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Right click on the .bat that you have or the one that came with the ATB Server file and click "Edit" you should see something like Xmx3G -Xms2G  Simple change those values, Xmx being the max ram to allocate, and Xms being the minimum ram to allocate. If you want to be more precise you can specify instead of megabytes instead of gigabytes by doing MB, for example" Xmx3584M which means the maximum amount of memory the server can allocate is 3584MB or when converted, 3.5GB.

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