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World Error?


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I have my own B-Team server, and I was playing with the weather mod, and it crashed. I downloaded the world, but it doesn't work in single player either. I don't really know what to do, and really don't want to use a backup, but could anyone help me fix it?







Any help is appreciated!!!

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Once you've opened in in MCEdit it should just ignore anything damaged that it really can't understand, when you save it you'll hopefully save it without whatever corruption there was.  If it recognises whatever's causing the problem and doesn't see an issue with it though, it won't work, and you'll have to post a log file (though in that case minecraft should know what's causing the problem).


Double-check everything you can think of afterwards though, it hasn't caused me any problems in B-Team but I've heard of it doing strange things (basically because it ignores stuff it doesn't understand, it's fine with mod blocks and entities if they're still in the minecraft standard stuff but if someone is say, flying an airship, that could be too weird for it, though again, I've not ever had problems).

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