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Server crashes when some people log in.


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When I try to join my server, it crashes. 

Same problem for my friend Squirtle.

But when my friend Price try to join, it works. And he can play untill one of us try to join.


This is the server crash log.






This is due to this issue:




There is probably an oven with this problem somewhere near your spawnpoint when you log in.

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You have a broken oven on the map, you and Squirtle are probably both close to it so as soon as you join in the server loads it and crashes.  Price isn't near it, so he's fine until one of you loads in near the oven and knocks the server over.


It's at -1699,63,1733 on your map, and you'll need to use a program like MCEdit to delete it.  In future, be careful about putting anything into the oven that it can't cook (it can only cook vanilla minecraft food).


Welcome to the forums, please don't sign off your posts and please read the forum rules (you've broken one accidentally already).

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Hello and thanks for the quick response. It was the oven in my house. I just broke it with a pickaxe and now I can play :)


I thought I had read the rules :o hmm..


Why cant I and what do you mean with "sign off" my posts?

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I'm don't have any affiliation with the mod so I can't say for certain, but the rules say not to and that it's because with your name on the side of your posts it's kind of redundant, so that's why I mentioned it :)

It's an easy one to miss, early on in the list and a minor thing.


Glad you fixed it!  How did you get near the oven with a pickaxe if you don't mind my asking? (other people who've had this problem haven't been able to get near to the oven without crashing)

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