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Experiencing anoying FPS loss


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Hello Tekkit community!


This is Freddy705, which is about to start a thread about my super anoying FPS drop in tekkit. Sounds boring to read, put please

bare with me and please if you know a good fix for this, please advice.


I am going to explain the problem in general, with pictures and everything! haha


Well Here we go



This picture is to demonstrate my FPS ingame single player, when overdoing everything with a "big" power creator, consisting of

Magmatic dynamo, and a few solar pannels. To top it of i put in additional harvesters (no planters)  and sheep in the background to test out

the fps when overspawning items in single player. (Note: This is to compare the fps on my server)






Now this is a different story, almost no cables, no fluid pipes with lava, only a few harvesters, 4 solar panels and 25 sheep.

This is the fps, when standing still and not loading chunks. This is the very spot the fps falls, and before the fps have fallen with the same

pattern as here. Me and my GF building ourselves a base, a 52 player server, i rent with a ping of 30 and more than enough ram with a

SSD. Also a very decent processor. Processor and RAM is NEVER going above 50-60% and also there is no warnings or errors in the console.






[This is just to show what i said about going outside the door.



Also just to top of i want to show the interiour of our actuall base, with a sorting system, and a request system, with about i think 5 magmatic dynamo

10 hardened enery cells, very few lava pipes (endertank). Some furnaces and other things, maybe a total 2-3 stacks of cables hidden to power everything.

Watch the fps, steady, and very decent, for that many pipes and cables. Also behind our base is a big volcano, which dosent seem to affect lagg at all.







Just like this it is EVERY time we start a new map, must be our 8th time (since the first version of tekkit for 1.6.4) Also, when i went in on the server now

the fps around where the problem is actually was a little higher then normal, from 60-80 fps, earlier today about 3-4 hours ago, my gf had about 30-50 fps

and i myself had 40-60 fps.

We are running at Max fps, normal render distance, effects turned of (not using optifine, because that makes fps even worse). I have tried Balanced many

times which seem to solve the big varying fps. Aka, when i go out to the door in the base, down a ladder i made, comes out of the tower with the ladder, fps falls from 100-120 to 40-60 fps.

I have tried to turn of oil generation on all the mods that supports it, so i can only collect it in mystcraft worlds, and it havent worked, also this time 1.2.7b i turned all oil generation of, but of some odd reason it still does? even after saving the config and all that.


So guys (and girls), do you know any fix? we have tried to start a new world, but after we have build our base, it always seems that it is all about time, before the lagg comes back.


Some advice whould be greatly appriciated, maybe some server mods, to clean up stuff will help? Maybe there is a spawning issue with monsters which stacks up after hour after hour? Or maybe something else?

Seems like when we sign out for a while, the lagg reduces dramaticly, but comes back after a certain time... kind of anoying really.


Or maybe i am the dumbest player and server host alive? i dont know so please help me out :)



Either way, have a superawesome day Reader! and please leave a comment!

BYE! :-)

(also sorry for any errors in this text, i am from norway, and isnt a very good writer hehe)


Forgot system specs ehem;


I myself have a very strong computer


AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor

Amd Radeon HD7970

SSD 120gb

16.0 GB RAM

64 bit Windows 7


I am unsure about hers, but i think it is


6 gb ram

120 ssd

64-bit Windows 7

i3 Prossesor 4 cores i think

(not having much fps differences at all compared to me)

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