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cant enter to my friend server


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when i try to enter to my friend server is tell me:

"forge mod loader could not connect to this server. the mod and version listed below could not be found. they are required to play on this server

Tconstruct : 1.6.X-

galacticraftcore : 2.0.9

projred:transmission :1.0

projred:transportion : 1.0

advancegenetics : v1.4

projred:intergration :1.0

carpentersblocks : v2.0.2

projred:core :

projred:illuminatio : 1.0

projred:compatibility : 1.0

witchey : 0.14.0

forgemultipart :

mcmultipart :

projred:exporation : 1.0

galacticraftmars : 2.0.9"

i want to play with my friend and i dont know how to fix it please help


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Under the menu option in the launcher for B-Team you'll see a gear, click that and it'll come up with a new screen.

Click the radio button for manually picking a version, the dropdown box will stop being grayed out.

Use the dropdown box to pick the version you want (probably 1.0.8).

Save changes, choose play button, say yes when it asks you if you want to update.

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