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Small server for YTers and a couple of dedicated players


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Hows it going guys!


For now, we will only be adding Youtubers or Streamers to the server. If you are a youtuber it is not a requirement to be well know but you will need a few Minecraft related videos.


Here are a couple of our current members videos and streams. Make sure you like, comment & subscribe -


Svasi's Stream


Smash's B-Team Series -



Minecraft Username - 

Are you a YTer?

Youtube - 

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Hi, I am not a youtuber, I really hope that doesn't effect my chances of getting in. I would love to play on a server with a few guys who are close and know each other. I've been looking for some good ones, and this sounds great. I have experience on whitelist servers already, so I understand how it all works. I love having a community that likes to play together! Thanks!


IGN: AMC_TunnelRat



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Minecraft Username - DragonKing129

Are you a YTer? No

Youtube - 

I am not a youtuber but I would really love to play on here where its just a nice little server with nice people, and where I could just build and not worry about getting killed or griefed, if this server allows that its ok still :P But I would really love to join your server and im hoping you will accept me:)

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Minecraft Username - Meep140

Are you a YTer? - Err, somewhat, i have an account but because my computer is abysmal I can't actually record anything...

Youtube - Meep140

I require a server that is small but with a tightknit community, the being-in-videos thing is a bonus for me.

Oh, and I hate the dubstep gun with every atom in my very being, so please refrain from using it, as it causes massive lag for me...

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Minecraft IGN - thewolf753

youtuber- no but would like to start 

youtube- thewolf753 


I'm looking for a good server to play on have some fun makes some friends but i'm also wondering where at the server is hosted because I am currently playing on a server that is hosted in the Netherlands and i'm in the us so i don't get a very good connection

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Minecraft Username - giantcaller1210

Are you a YTer? - No. I have an account, but no capture card/recording program/microphone/editing program.

I think I should join because I can be very active and I want to learn more about AotBT. I like the idea of a small server where I can get to know everyone there.

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