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  1. 1. The name of your MC account DragonKing129 2. How old are you? 13 3. Where do you live? Canada 4. What can you bring to the server? I know lots about the mods and I can help people if they need it 5. Tell us briefly about yourself 6. Do you accept the rules? I love soccer, building, mining and lots of games 7. Why do you want to apply? I never played a classic whitelist server and I would love to play somewhere where I will not be killed and griefed or raided! 8. Extra details or questions? None Hoping to be excepted ASAP Thanks
  2. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 Youtube (Optional): no What you are good at: Witchery, tinkers, galacticcraft and some of thermal, and building Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: I want to join to have some fun on attack of the bteam and I can help out people and for my age I am mature:) Also you should pick me because I wanna have some fun Time Zone: pst Skype: zifahhh
  3. IRL name (First Name) Tyler In Game Name: DragonKing129 Skype name (mandatory): zifahhh Age: (13-99) 13 How experienced are u with the mod pack: (1-10) 7 What do you want to do on the server: I want to play with other people to have fun and explore more of the mods, I want to be able to trust people and know they wont destroy my stuff Why you should join the server: I am good at this modpack and I can help people, I am reasonable and I want to have fun of course! Will you be recording and if so what is your channel? no I wont sorry
  4. In Game Name: DragonKing129 Skype name: zifahhh Age: (14-20) 13 (14 in june) How experienced are u with the mod pack: (1-10) probally a 7 What do u want to do on the server: Build, play with others and havefun of course! Why u should join the server: I could be a good help and I love attack of the bteam, I know quite a bit of this mudpack and I like doing fun stuff, I don't mind pvp but if they keep killing me I will mind
  5. 1. Ign: DragonKing129 2. Age: 13 only 2 years off:p 3. Skype (Helps us communicate) zifahhh 4. Experience with AotBT? I play it a lot, I know lots of the mods 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most? witchery or maybe galacticcraft 6. Do you have any projects in mind?(Be creative) stuff like mansions or towers and weird contraptions 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules? Yes I agree hopefully you will accept me, I think I am mature for my age even though im 2 years off of what you want!
  6. 1. Tell me how old you are. 13 2. Why you want to join the server. I wanna play a private server and have fun with other people and I hate singleplayer! 3. Give me your skype name. zifahhh
  7. IGN: DragonKing129 Skype name: zifahhh Age: 13 Why you want to join the server: Been looking for a whitelist server to join for a while, I just wanna have fun on a server with other people who wont be spawn killing me or destroying my crap, and lets face it, singleplayer is boring What mods you think you'll focus on: Witchery, Galacticcraft and tinkers
  8. Age: (No age limit) 13 Ign: DragonKing129 Are you a experience Aotbt ?: Yes I play this mudpack quite a bit and I know most of the mods well Why do you want to join the server?: Looking for a whitelist server for a while and this seems great:D I love playing with other people cause singleplayer is boring. Skype: zifahhh
  9. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 Why you would like to join: I want to play a whitelist server with some people an I am pretty goo at some mods in this pack and I love playing with other people! Lets face it, single player is boring I have Skype if you need it you can message me and hope I am accepted!
  10. Name: Tyler Age: 13 In-Game name: DragonKing129 Skype/Steam Account name: Skype is zifahhh How much do you know about the Modpack: I know quite a lot actually, I really enjoy this modpack and I like galacticraft and witchery the most:) Why should i pick you: I can help people out and imo I am a pretty chill person, I really want to have fun on a whitelist server and I have not really found one that suits me yet Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: I like adventuring but id say building is my thing:) Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop Not if its a plugin shop, itd be cool if we could like make a town shop at spawn or something, then yes
  11. IGN: DragonKing129 NAME(OPTIONAL): Tyler AGE: 13 LOCATION: Canada, Bc JOB? not unless chores countxD SMOKE? DRINK? nope NIGHT OWL/ EARLY BIRD? more of a owl:) I don't like waking up early Know any good seeds to use for a map? no Know any good mods that we could add to AotBT? I would love to add mystcraft, mo creatures and shaders Tell a little about yourself I play soccer im English, im skinny, I love to build and explore. I hangout with friends a lot, that will usually be why I am not online. I love cod:) Hopefully you will reply to me and I am hoping to join you:D
  12. igm: DragonKing129 age: 13 gender: male why you wan't to join: I want to play a whitelist server with people that will actually play and this seems good, ive been looking for a while but cant find one skype (optional but helpful to us): zifahhh
  13. Application:: Name: Tyler IGN: DragonKing129 Skype(MUST HAVE): zifahhh Youtube: don't have one Age: 13 Why Do you want to join?: Ive been looking for a nice private server where I could play with some people and have fun, I want to play on a whitelist cause I find it more fun. Anything Else: I play soccer, I know a lot of the mods in this pack and I am good at building. hopefully you will accept me
  14. IGN: DragonKing129 AGE: 13 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: 9 Why do you want to join?: I need a new server with some people to play with! my old one is going down and this seems great for me:)
  15. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 Youtube (Optional): nope What you are good at: Witchery, Building and Soccer Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: I could be useful for ur community and I wanna have fun with people on this mudpack, I could help out others and I want to join to well, play minecraft on a mudpack:D Time Zone: PST Skype: zifahhh Hoping you accept me
  16. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 But I am mature I promise:p You wouldn't regret letting me play and if u accept me u can ban me if I am being immature:) Skype: zifahhh
  17. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 Skype: zifahhh Why You: I am kind of experienced with this mudpack and I just find it fun to play on a private server with cool people that arnt always asses, I just wanna play on a server were I could have fun with others.
  18. IGN: DragonKing129 Age: 13 What I like to do: I like to explore, have fun with others and work on big projects:p What I dislike: getting killed in my own house, People being douchbags and getting griefed What I like to do in real life: I love to play soccer, do stupid stuff and hang with my friends, and play this Time Zone/Nearest City: PST and Vancouver Hope you will accept me and maybe ill see you on:D
  19. IGN (In game name) DragonKing129 Reason you want to join: I really want to play a nice server with some friendly people and this looks great:) Age (Optional): 13 Favorite Mod: Witchery and tinkers Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Build and mine Youtube (If you dont have one it wont beat your chances of joining): No sorry Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10 (ex: 1=Dirt House 10=Keralis): id say 7
  20. Hey, my ign is DragonKing129 and I would love to join this server, it sounds great without griefing or pvp and a private server where there wont be assholes. hope I get accepted and thx:)
  21. Minecraft Username - DragonKing129 Are you a YTer? No Youtube - I am not a youtuber but I would really love to play on here where its just a nice little server with nice people, and where I could just build and not worry about getting killed or griefed, if this server allows that its ok still But I would really love to join your server and im hoping you will accept me:)
  22. age: 13 how often will you play on the server: Whenever I can wich is alot are you willing to play fair? Yes I am I hate when people cheat or make the game not fun for others. will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yes I will cause I want ppl to treat me like I would treat them so I will respect:)
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