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[1.6.4][155+Mods][Ultimate Experience][Updated]


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I present to you, the official pack of Maxed Ultimate.  This pack has loads of content, and aims to keep you busy not through hard recipes, but by drowning you in endless things to-do, multiple systems to create, with no shortage of fun.  Featuring over 155 mods, Ultimate Experience has something for everyone, from magic to farming to tech to RPG and exploring, there's never a shortage of things to accomplish.  The massive and well laid out spreadsheet featuring all 150+ mods in this epic pack can be found here.


Please note this modpack REQUIRES 64 bit java.


The official website for Maxed Ultimate can be found here.


Click for pack listing.


Copy paste link for launcher:


If you enjoy this pack please +1 it on the pack listing.

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