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[1.2.9g] ✪Absolution Tekkit Main✪ GalacticCraft Enabled|Computer Craft Enabled|Few Banned Items|Grief Prevention|Keep Inventory


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On ‎7‎/‎10‎/‎2015 at 4:49 PM, Respawn said:

Server Information 

Website : http://absolution-mc.enjin.com 
Server IP : Play.absolutiongaming.info 
Teamspeak: ts.absolutiongaming.info 

Looking for the modpack? Try http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkitmain.552547 

Like Tekkit? Love Galactacraft? But can't find a server that has it. Look no further. This is the server for you. We have not banned or limited GalactaCraft. We have only banned items that will bypass World Guard or Protections. We are also a non-griefing servers, so you don't have to worry about losing your items. 

NEW Server Features 

You will have access to a resource world. Grief Prevention/Golden Shovel is built into the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. This has been tested a few times before opening the new server. A server shop that sells items to make is easy to get what you need to finish your projects. We will now have FloAuction for our Player Shops, this will decrease lag on the server. We are upping the difficulty with this as /back will not be issued to players, also there will be a 3 second delay with teleporting and you will spawn where you last logged out instead of spawn from now on. 

Our Staff Team 

Our Owners are here to make sure that the server is running as smooth as possible. Madrox and Anita both sit on Teamspeak when they are online and are here for both players and staff. Admins are here to help and manage the server, and settle any disputes. Please listen to them and respect their commands. Mods are here to help with minor issues and keep the peace, please give them the respect they are due. 

Removed Mods 

Dimensional Doors 

Banned Items 

Detailed list found Here


Detailed Rules found Here

Other Info

Some useful commands that will help you out

/shop - Takes you to the player shops 
/adminshop - Takes you to the admin shops 
/claimslist - Listing your claims 
/kit shovel - Gives you the kit you need to claim land 
/tpa - Teleport to your friends 
/portals - Takes you to the portal room 
/food - Gives you much food every day 
Galacta Craft is unlimited to everyone 
Keep Inventory is enabled within the Main World (Where your home is) 

Geeze nice mod pack but when I try to go to your website it is flagged as malisious so I am done thanks though


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After making a change to my power supply and power cabling, I have made the power supply capable of delivering the maximum power produced through the conduits using two power taps. one connecting the main building and the other connecting the annex building. Each circuit has it's own resonant energy cell as a back up energy supply when the reactor is turned off, the reactor loses fuel or the conduit gets disconnected.

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Now that I have made a great place on earth I am now looking at making a great place off world, on the moon. This place will have a breathable atmosphere inside and will make it easier to make the equipment that needs materials from sources that are only found on the moon.

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Sweet, I now have the materials needed to make all of the equipment that I can use to make an automated farm. This will ensure that I never run out of food and to make it more convenient I have it feeding the food right into my ME system, ready to be taken out and consumed.

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Server is rubbish, everything I said was a lie. There staff and especially the owner are abusive and ban you for something so small it's unreal. Where they say here that the server is good it's just them trying to advertise it.


I WOULD NOT recommend this server to anyone! You have just read theatrically truth thank you !

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I really do love this server. The staff and the people on the server are very friendly and I have managed to make a couple of friends. The staff were willing to help me out whenever I had a problem and even the people that were not staff offered to help as well. I hope to see more people to join this server.

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I have been putting the finishing touches on my place so that it is secure and well organised. I have got the vanilla stuff that I need to start such as a crafting table and a furnace now all I have left to do is to get the materials so that I can create the mod items that I need.

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upon looking into the server, I jumped onto the teamspeak. I was instantly greeted as a "stupid F*cking american" and muted, with nothing said on my part. just another unfriendly server.

maybe it was better a month before.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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