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[1.2.9g] ✪Absolution Tekkit Main✪ GalacticCraft Enabled|Computer Craft Enabled|Few Banned Items|Grief Prevention|Keep Inventory

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Server Information 

Website : http://agcn.co.uk 
Server IP : 
Teamspeak: ts.agcn.co.uk

Looking for the modpack? Try http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkitmain.552547 

Like Tekkit? Love Galactacraft? But can't find a server that has it. Look no further. This is the server for you. We have not banned or limited GalactaCraft. We have only banned items that will bypass World Guard or Protections. We are also a non-griefing servers, so you don't have to worry about losing your items. 

NEW Server Features 

You will have access to a resource world. Grief Prevention/Golden Shovel is built into the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. This has been tested a few times before opening the new server. A server shop that sells items to make is easy to get what you need to finish your projects. We will now have FloAuction for our Player Shops, this will decrease lag on the server. We are upping the difficulty with this as /back will not be issued to players, also there will be a 3 second delay with teleporting and you will spawn where you last logged out instead of spawn from now on. 

Our Staff Team 

Our Owners are here to make sure that the server is running as smooth as possible. Madrox and Anita both sit on Teamspeak when they are online and are here for both players and staff. Admins are here to help and manage the server, and settle any disputes. Please listen to them and respect their commands. Mods are here to help with minor issues and keep the peace, please give them the respect they are due. 

Removed Mods 

Dimensional Doors 

Banned Items 

Detailed list found Here


Detailed Rules found Here

Other Info

Some useful commands that will help you out

/shop - Takes you to the player shops 
/adminshop - Takes you to the admin shops 
/claimslist - Listing your claims 
/kit shovel - Gives you the kit you need to claim land 
/tpa - Teleport to your friends 
/portals - Takes you to the portal room 
/food - Gives you much food every day 
Galacta Craft is unlimited to everyone 
Keep Inventory is enabled within the Main World (Where your home is) 

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This server is great, I was able to set up a quarry and got myself lots of nice ores and a lot of materials so I can make a big place. The set up was easy and whenever I came across a problem I would ask the staff online, they are friendly and very helpful. A recommended server

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News & Updates for our Tekkit Main Server

Game mode has been changed to HARD!

We are allowing /back to remain on the server with a 3 second teleport delay to get to your items.  When you do /back don't move or you will have to retype /back. This will include /tpa /tp /home and /spawn

Moon/Mars travel - We want to keep the aspect of realistic as possible so this means no teleporting your friends in and only having to take one rocket to the moon.  Also when you leave the moon now you MUST travel back to the main world via rocket.  /spawn won't be an option anymore to return home to your main world house. 

Withers - will do block damage to all blocks in the game.  The only block that will stop this is bedrock. 

Good News:

Tree Capatator - has been increased to up the speed on cutting trees down however the durability damage has also been increased so your tools will break a bit faster

Base heat for your power suit has been increased from 50 to 60 - Maxium armour per peice has been decreased from 6 to 4.


We hope you realize we are not doing this to be mean but to make this game a challenge and fun at the same time. 

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so glad i started playing on this server again i had forgotten how much of a nice community its all the players and staff are always so help full, such a good server to have fun and a good laugh, glad player shops are here someone always has what you need some where.

Good to start working on my pixel art for the Server comp not quite sure what to do tho hmmm?? 

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Oh Yeah! I've made a power tool with some great attachments such as the pickaxe, axe and shovel upgrades, The Melee assist attachment and a railgun, A diamond drill attachment for the pickaxe and a large battery. It really is a miner's dream tool. I would like to see more people on the server and I think you would like it.

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so much going on, they have just cut there banned item lists in half cant wait to start playing around with laser drills, steves carts and all the other items unbanned, also theres talk of incressing the amount of quarrys per player that would be nice so much easier to collect matterials for my big projects. the best thing is they have add keep inv to the main world no more worring about having to remake my jet pack and power armor if i die. the owners have really made this server more player friendly and i couldnt be happyer !!

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Oh yes, I've just made myself a Molecular Assembly Chamber (MAC) to streamline the crafting process, I've already made some patterns for a few items that I might use a lot such as torches and blank patterns and more will come, such as tools and parts for machinery. I'll be looking forward to increasing the size and seeing more players on the server. I hope to see you soon.

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The following mods/items has been unbanned/unrestricted

- Equivalent Exchange 3 has been fully unbanned.
- Philosophers Stone can only be used within the mining world. This is to provent any griefing.
- Steve Carts has been fully unbanned.
- Mining Carts (That use any of the drills) can only be used in the mining world.
- Land marks have removed, But you can now use up to 4 quarry in the mining world.
- Laser Drills have been fully unbanned, You can now use them in the mining world. 
- The Tesseract limit has been removed. You may own as many as you want. 
- The floAuction has made a return.
- Keep inventory has made a return to the main world only. When we reach the mouthy goal of the server, we will enable keep inventory for all worlds for 30 days.
- Random Teleport has made a return.

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I've made more progress with more patterns and some nice chandeliers for my place. Now that keep inventory has returned, I don't have to worry about dying in the main world and I can also make more money without renting a player shop thanks to auctions returning. Everyone is very friendly and not rude, they are very helpful as well as the staff on the server. I hope to see more people online soon.

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Work as usual today, retrieving materials for base expansion and for more machinery and power suit add-ons, The quarry sure makes it easier and I'm thinking about trying a laser drill to see the outcomes and convenience, but first, lets make some more patterns to make item production easier.

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Tekkit Change Log

  • Computer craft is now unbanned. (All Turtles can only be placed in to mining world only)
  • Balkan's Weapon mod is now unbanned. 
  • Quarry's are now allowed in the Nether. (Quarry's have been limited to one in the nether only)
  • Space Stations blacklist has been applied to space stations.
  • Voting rewards has been improved.
  • Scripts updated to suit server.
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I'm learning to program with others on this server as computer craft has been unbanned. Now I can start to control multiple processes with only one computer. Best start learning how to make switch programs using these computers such as the ability to turn on/off my reactor as well as other switch based actions such as power cell switches. Hope to see you on the server soon.

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