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Sauercraft Tech Vrs Magic


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    • Welcome to Sauercraft!
  • Welcome traveler, this is the world of sauercraft, magic and machines are at war here. What side will you choose? The machines? Rule over the skies with power armor killing any foes you see, build massive facilities that mine away at the world eating away every last resource. Or magic? Be at peace with the lands through thaumcraft and destroy your enemys with Arsmagica! You decide..... Only one side can win!
  • IP:  Sauercraft.us
  • Website: https://sauercraft.enjin.com
  • Mods: 
  • Big Reactors-
  • Chisel-
  • Enderstorage-
  • Galacticraft-
  • Galacticraft planets-
  • Mekenism-
  • Thaumcraft-
  • TConstruct-
  • Thermal Expansion-
  • Vein Miner-
  • Ars Magica 2-
  • Extra Utilities-
  • PowerSuits-
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