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looking for peoples. (Please read post for more info)

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Hello, my name is Kenny aka FatalWalk3rFilms, im 23 and i have a youtube channel that i started a few months ago...maybe 2 or 3? hell if i can remember but i have about 17 subs so far... not bad imo... anyway i love attack of the B-Team, i love the B-Team and i love how much fun they are having just screwing around with each other and just having fun... after watching their videos i went back to my solo world and realized how damn boring it is...

SO i was wondering if anyone would like to record with me or atleast start a server me and a few others can play on not alot of people tho lol... however i do not have a server and i don't know how to do that crap lol normally i have a friend set up a server but it ends up stupidly laggy so if anyone does decided to join me on this well i hope you know a thing or 2 about setting up a good server lol.

Now you don't have to be someone that record's but it would be nice and less awkward for me lol, anyway without further adieu just fill this out and i shall pick 1 person who can do up a server and maybe 2 or 3 who are willing to record... now after the server admin is picked, anyone else i that i think will work out for this i will run by, and for every new person that is picked i will run by already picked members and before we get it started we will have a chance to join a call in skype or Raidcall (because that is all i have right now) im willing to get TeamSpeak if neither of these programs work for you, but i have almost no money right now so i can't pay for other programs like that.

also, for the server admin, again i don't have much money after paying bills so if you can please have a server that you can run off your computer or a cheap one i can only spare about 10 - 20$ a month at the moment but we can discuss that further once you have been selected. And it will be white-listed. 

I will fill out the part for other's to join, also i will talk with the admin about how many are to join, so please be have some patience we will get to you after thing's are set up.
And remember this will be a good chance to meet new people and make some awesome friends!!

Admin please fill this out:

Position has bee filled... kinda, for thos who are going to be picked ill run it by you.

Application to join the server:

Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol)
Age:(Must be between 18 - 25)
Gender: (Any)
Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have)
What makes you perfect to record with:
Little bit about yourself:

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Name:Kenny Aka FatalWalk3rFilms



Youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/user/FatalWalk3rFilms

What makes you perfect to record with:I'm Friendly, Mature... i know most of the Mod's in AOTB and i have been playing Minecraft for some time now... i am willing to help others who do not know any 1 mod (assuming i know said mod) i also have awesome ideas for recording and if need be i can help come up with thumbnails for their videos or just general video ideas assuming you record.

Little bit about yourself:I am 23 years old and canadian, and i love my music and video games, they are my life and so is my youtube, i have been recording for a few months and i love it... i love entertaining people and making them laugh and i hope to do this for a long time!

Skype:Fatal Walk3r

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Im 13

My skype name :ciaran_malone1


I want to join because it is such a good modpack and i want to play with people with the same slandered as me and im sure that will happen with your careful selection of players


I will follow the rules and report bad behavior to ad-men or you 


I will play for 1-3 hour a day 



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Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol): Well my IGN is MiningKK but my real name is Kapri so you can call me whatever you would like :)

Age:(Must be between 18 - 25):I am sorry but I am only 15.

Gender: (Any): Male

Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have): At the moment I do not have a Youtube channel but I could either be in your videos if possible or try to work out the problems I have been having of starting up a channel

What makes you perfect to record with:Hmm, what makes me perfect to record with. I would say my fun and exciting attitude and my ability to carry on a conversation. I am also a very active player when it comes down to Minecraft.

Little bit about yourself: Like I mentioned before I am currently 15 years of age. I am Canadian and I love to play video games (such as Minecraft, World of Tanks and League of Legends). I am a very fun and exciting person to be around (trust me, you will never be bored around me). I am a very passionate Minecraft player and have been playing this wonderful game for close to 3 years now. If you would like to know anything else about me just let me know :) .

Skype: kapri.mclean (I do have Raidcall and Teamspeak so I am able to talk on whatever, also if you plan to add me on skype, my profile is the one with the orange Pontiac GTO).


Well I'm just going to end my little application off here, I hope to hear from you soon.



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I forgot to say, if you are selected... i will message you through either your skype, or your Account on these forums... reason being if there is someone who gets mad about not being picked, i don't want hate mail being sent to the people who were picked... i have already received 4 hate msgs because of my age limit... and because of how long this might take with finding anyone... im going to lower the age limit... BUT if you beg, or spam i will not pick you... i want mature people who know how to take a joke, people who know how to respect others belongings, aka no stealing items from others or destroying someones base/house... this is the main reason for the age limit... 

 ty for the sub Toxic, don't forget to leave a like and comment on my videos ;) and enjoy the content!

Just be patient guys. :)


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Server creation experience: i have made my own server and i know how to get plugins and stuff to make it not lag
Youtube link:
I will  get one
What makes you perfect to record with:im nice,good with talking when recording, and would stay on topic
Little bit about yourself:i am a 20 yr. old with a fasination to play attack of the B_Team
Skype:joestanis666(i don't worship the devil i just picked random numbers)

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so the "admin" spot has been filled, now im just looking for a couple of people... the server will be up and working sometime today or this weekend...

Joe a little bit more about yourself would be nice... ur age and the fact u like AOTB is not enough... 


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Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol) Well my ign is theburner3004 and my real name is euan idc what u call me

Age: im 14 nearly 15

Gender: (Any) male

Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have) https://www.youtube.com/user/theburner3004 i know i have no videos had to take them off coz of hate from school

What makes you perfect to record with: i am layed back and relaxed and i will be a good sport and wont do anything crazy

Little bit about yourself: im 14 im from the uk im one of the best in my year at all the computer stuff and i like AotBT so much

Skype: euan hill i can use my phone for skype i just realized that :) also subscribed :D

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Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol) TheCantStopMe
Age:(Must be between 18 - 25) 15 (ANd it is ok if you don't accept, but I am mature and have a good sense of humor)
Gender: (Any) Male
Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8jMbPf6fUO8qhwb5pv7vlg
What makes you perfect to record with: I am a funny person, don't crack under pressure, know what to say at the right time, love recording with others, and I am not a sore loser about minecraft and won't rage if someone pulls a prank, and so much more

Little bit about yourself: I am a 15 year old kid who loves playing baseball and hanging out with friends at the movie theatre. I have been playing MC for about 1 year now and also have experience with other games like CoD. I like to play with people because it is less boring than a single player world

Skype: TheCantStopMe

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Theburner3004 dude, never let school or anything screw you over like that, if you want to make videos and post em on youtube... you go do that mate. i get hate all the time... i dont go to school or anything but i get hate msgs and i never let it bother me, you shouldn't either... keep at it dude... 

and TheCantStopMe, ty for the thought in that msg i msged u back mate... as of right now there is no more room left... as i said before i don't want a ton of people and we already have 5... if someone leaves or breaks one of my rules and i boot them i will post on here that i have a spot open... keep posting tho guys you never know i might allow more people in the future.

if you guys end up changing your mind about joining my server msg me on here or pm me either is awesome or if u join another server you can just remove your post on here.

sorry for it filling up so fast guys, but im sure there will be more room later on in the future... thank you and have yourselves an awesome weekend.

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Name:Dudeguybrah (Drew)
Gender: (Male)
Youtube link: Dont have one at the moment.
What makes you perfect to record with: I like to build things, people like to watch builders. 
Little bit about yourself: Oh uh, putting me on the spot like that. xP Well for starters I'm a military vet and I like to build in minecraft. I can be chatty at times and well, thats all there is to it. (Really bad about telling people about myself)

Skype: If im on, its Dudeguybrah

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