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I don't like 1.6.4 Tekkit, how do I unupdate it?


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There is a cog wheel in the bottom left corner of the modpack tile when selected in the launcher. 


If you click on it it will present you with modpack options. 


Select "Manually select a build" and you can choose any build of the modpack. This will allow you to choose an earlier build/update.



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You might want to give the current version a try, as there are substantial improvements in key mods such as Thermal Expansion.

If you must revert, I think 1.2.6 was a major milestone, so you probably want to go further back than that.


If you were looking for stuff like Industrial Craft or the old Equivalent Exchange, Tekkit divorced those for good. Have a look at the mod lists from Tekkit Classic (very old, Minecraft 1.2.5-based) or Tekkit Lite (quite dated already).

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