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fusion reactor not working


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i have made a few reactors before in all my time of playing voltz but ever since it went to 1.5.2, fusion reactors arent working as they are supposed to. has something changed?  also, how the hell do i get deuterium? the chemical extractor has changed!


is there anything wrong with the way its built? i had to spawn in some deuterium to test it.




thank you.

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Hi.  Are you using the recommended version of Voltz?  If you are (version 2.0.4) try this...


From what I can tell from the pics the setup looks good.  Just remember you need to give your fusion reactor a jump start.  It requires 50 kilowatts for your fusion reactor to get started and continue to work.  I didn't see anywhere in the pics where your fusion reactor was hooked up to a power source.   I usually set up a system where a full basic energy cube is wired in to the fusion reactor, close by, and being refilled as the reactor is in full swing.


As for the chemical extractor, I would recommend the following:


Create an infinite water source (a horizontal line of 3 water with a source block at each end usually works for me).  Set a water pump just above the middle block and put your chemical extractor right next to the pump.  Be sure both are powered.  Open the GUI for the chemical extractor and put empty cells into the slot just to the left of the arrow pointing right.  (It's the slot just underneath the word 'chemical' in the GUI.)  As long as the pump and chemical extractor has power, whenever you put empty cells in the left slot, it should create deuterium in the right slot.


I hope this answers your questions.  Good luck.

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