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Serious Damage SpaceStation


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Hi everyone,


I have "a big problem"... I made a terrible mistake:


I was working in creativ mode on my Space Station (from galacticraft) with the Builing Guide from OpenBlocks. I messed it up trying to auto create something and created a big sphere (9x9x9) of... the Building Guide Block itself....  The restult is that my space station has become super laggy and I cannot move anymore. I tried to lower all video options but I still cannot move or at least detroy those misplaced Building Guides. The lag is caused by the guide lines of every Building Guide itself.


I was wondering if it's possible to delete somewhere in my Save file all the Building Guides blocks with its ID?


If not, is there anyway to solve my mistake ?


*I'm actualy in the sphere I created and it's cold and dark.... :(



Sorry for my broken English and thank you already !



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Just a future note to those who may end up here:


If for some weird reason you cannot use MCEdit, you can also go into the world folder and delete the DIM prefixed folder associated with the station. This will essentially delete the dimension altogether and should regenerate as if new. This method would be more of a last resort.

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