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Hey, M1r077 asked to see my RIM lift, so I'm making this post


Here is an imgur album of the lift

I use RIM controlled by CC's computers, I commented them in English (I have a bad English). They all work, I just tested them, however, there are constants at the start of the scripts you may need to change according to your setup, like the side of the modem, the controller, or adapt your screen size

If you find a bug, have a question or a suggestion, please go ahead, I'll be happy to help/get helped :)

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Dude it work i rebuild the lift form your planes, and it work is a little slow but is awesome, i will change the structure but the caller system is 100% funcional, juts 1 thing, i have trubles with the screen (monitor inside the elevator) i do not know how to add levels on the screen i got this



--Adds level with number, label and corresponding level to the list
                -- Choose short labels if you have more than 5 levels, 8 char max for it to display correctly on screen
        function addLevel(num, label, level)
                local t = getTable()
                t:add(0, Sotano 1, 0)
                t:add(7, PB, 7)
                --We have too many registered levels to display them on the screen
                if #t >= MAX_LEVEL then print("too many levels !") return 1 end --The return is not used




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Woops, forgot to explain that, and also forgot to translate the comments in the section that does that. When the script is running, if you press the + key on your numpad it prompts you to add a level

Add a floor:
<number> "label" <level>

<number> is the number that will be displayed on the left of the label on the screen, label is the name of the level and level is the distance from level 0 to your level. If your level 1 is 5 blocks above level 0 then level is 5; if it's 3 blocks below then it's -3. You don't need to write the '<>' and the '"'.


If you press the - key on your numpad, it prompts you to delete a level

Remove a floor:

<level> is the same than when you want to add a level, it's the distance from level 0.


If you press the * key on your numpad, it prompts you the number of a level (the number on the left of the screen) and gives you the distance (useful if you want to delete a level but don't remember the distance).


It's not that easy to understand nor to explain, and i'm sorry about that, could have done it better now that I think about it. I will rewrite everything for CC 1.6 when I'm done with my other projects and create another topic on the forum


EDIT: Also, you can change the keys used, just edit the following lines

if event[2] == keys.numPadAdd then --Add level
elseif event[2] == keys.numPadSubtract then --Remove level
elseif event[2] == keys.multiply then --Get level

with keys from the keys API

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