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How do you add RAM to an attack of the b-team server?

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Hey guys, I just recently started a small server in which me and one other of my friend play on. We have noticed a lot of lag and frames dropping. The server is currently running on 1GB of RAM on a 4GB Mac. I would like to add one more GB of RAM. Can any of y'all help me out by telling me how to add more RAM to my server on mac? What is the recommended amount of RAM to run an  Attack of the B-Team server? Any reply is greatly appreciated! Thanks!  :psyboom:

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Edit the launch.bat or launch.sh file and change -Xmx to a higher value. Default value is 3G i believe. You can also change -Xms to change the starting size. If you're using a server host, you'll have to ask them as they probably don't go through the launch files.

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